Stabbed to Death in a Church Because of His Opposition To Covid Vaccine Passports?!

SOTN Editor’s Note: What follows are excerpts from the Vaccine Passports Debate held by the British Parliament under the Chairmanship of MP David Amess.  All of his fellow conservative participants expressed extreme opposition to the vaccine passports, as well as effusive gratitude to Chairman Amess for overseeing the urgent debate.  David Amess was well aware of the dangers of instituting such a draconian COVID-19 vaxport system nationwide; and he was determined to permit a robust and unconstrained debate on the highly consequential matter.  Clearly his violent and shocking murder in a church serves to quickly chill any other MP opposition to the long-planned vaccine passports.  The New World Order globalist cabal has always targeted the United Kingdom as the first European nation to be foisted on the COVID-1984 plantation.




6 Responses to “Stabbed to Death in a Church Because of His Opposition To Covid Vaccine Passports?!”

  1. Aldous says:

    “Stabbed to Death in a Church Because of His Opposition To Covid Vaccine Passports?!”

    The Question Mark in the headline could be very significant.
    Amess turns out to be a very controversial figure who seems to have courted disaster and Karma which eventually found him.
    There is an image doing the rounds of him holding a placard stating: ‘Every Refugee Matters’ or something.
    He was a fervent supporter of the anti-White, anarchist hate-org, Soros-funded Black Lives Matter.
    Amess voted for the Iraq invasion at every opportunity, hence the millions of innocent lives it has cost since the 9/11 False Flag and the Globalists’ resulting GWOT.
    He was an ardent Conservative Friend of Israel and previously held a prominent position in the CFI.

    I’m not suggesting the assassin wasn’t a patsy or Manchurian Candidate but if the Somalian Muslim had fled the scene, the UK police may have had it narrowed down to a million or so suspects.

    • ian says:

      Hi Aldous, yes I know that it may just be Karma, but it also seems to possibly be convenient to the passport roll out, so I thought it worth a mention. The report said that the assassin was calm as he waited for the police, and this too might suggest something untoward.

      • Aldous says:

        G’day Ian. This is the article and image I was trying to think of:

        I’m not sure that what we see in Congress/Parliament is ‘democracy in action’ but paying lip service to it for public consumption.
        Amess doesn’t come across (to me) as the kind of guy who cares too much for the indigenous Brits that he is supposed to mainly represent.
        I believe that what we see in Parliament is mainly pure theatre and nothing much (if anything at all) is meant to come from it but it gives the illusion that some are batting against the Vaccine Passport mobsters.
        Also the Arab/Muslim countries’ Secret Services have no doubt honed their skills regarding the use of patsies and even brainwashed Manchurian Candidates and I’m more and more inclined to think that this assassination – always assuming of course that it actually occurred – was in retaliation for his staunch pro-Israeli/pro-Iraq war stance.

  2. Tapestry says:

    If you have watched Richard D Hall’s analysis of the Jo Cox removal – you would always be sceptical of a news story claiming an MP has been assassinated.
    This film follows Richard D. Hall’s investigation into the alleged murder of MP Jo Cox which happened on June 16th 2016. Following on from his initial findings presented in a lecture in April 2018, he has searched further for evidence and presents it here for the first time. The film proves beyond reasonable doubt that the official version of events is wholly untrue. Richard presents compelling evidence that the man blamed for the attack was a patsy and played no part in any murder, if indeed there was a murder. The film looks at all the CCTV evidence, witness testimony and physical evidence. Also featured are interviews with witnesses who have been kept out of mainstream media and were not asked to take part in the trial. The film suggests a plausible motive for a highly organised plot to remove Jo Cox from her position of MP. Her departure occurred just one week before the UK Brexit referendum and the film explains why this may have happened. This film contains extensive analysis by statement analyst Peter Hyatt.

    • Aldous says:

      Agreed Tap. It’s easy just waiting calmly for the police to arrive on cue and get arrested when no crime has actually been committed.
      I’ve always been suspicious of the Jo Cox ‘removal’ and we need to watch for story drift on this latest incident.

    • ian says:

      I watched the Jo Cox thing ages ago Tap, yet it never crossed my mind that this might be another FF in the same way. What would they hope to achieve doing this. Possibly stop public access to political figures? as people will want them dead as more of the Covi crime develops? who knows. Certainly possible.