1. ian says:

    These cretins, Ms Patel included, have the ability and power to ruin our lives. They however don’t seem to like people speaking back. You see, the problem is, that for the system of democracy that they had been using to work, the people were made to believe that it was their country, and these filth worked for them, same as cops. You see people at demos chanting, “you serve us”. They in fact don’t. It was another scam. They all serve corporate power and the ruling elite. The MSM’s role is to control the ignorant and stupid masses, and they do an excellent job.

    They’re changing the whole shooting show now. They don’t want any of you cheeky troglodytes still alive, giving them no grief. If you do, you’ll get a visit., For the times they are a changing. On the plus side, with a name like that, her parents must have a sense of humour.

    • archer says:

      Equally cretinous are the dyed in the wool Tories in the constituencies of Patel, Sharma, Sunak etc – that vote for them come what may because they wear a blue rosette. That goes for Labour and Liberals too.

  2. Aldous says:

    What are all these indigenous-hating virtual foreigners doing in ‘office’ (not in any real power obviously) anyway?
    The so-called Conservative(sic) Party is a joke and an absolute disgrace. The Labour Party is no better of course, as are ALL of the rest of the bought and paid for Westminster scumbags.
    I doubt Patel will be holding constituency surgeries any time soon, in a church or mosque. Safest place might be in a synagogue if they’ll tolerate her darkening – no pun intended – their kosher doorstep. I have my doubts.
    Honestly, how did once Great Britain sink to the level it has? Has the GB vehicle sticker not recently been outlawed and is to be replaced by a UK sticker?
    You couldn’t make this bunch of crap up.

  3. Aldous says:

    Just observe the venom in Patel’s eyes and facial expressions. The sheer hatred of the true British people is tangible.
    She should be booted back to Uganda where her parents came from or India where her grandparents also lived before emigrating to Uganda.
    It’s quite unbelievable that such a shallow person holds high office in a once great country.
    I won’t even get into Sunak, why he is Chancellor and why he is there.
    Strewth and God help us.

    • ian says:

      She was sacked from Theresa May’s government Aldous, for attending undisclosed meetings in Israel. Nuff said. She has also given US intelligence access to UK internet accounts. It was a while back, possibly 2 years approx, no link, but I remember it well from Irish Savant arguments. She was deffo not picked for her love of the indigenous British population.