Polish PM Comes Out Swinging Against EU Institutions As ‘Dangerous’, ‘Usurping Power They Do Not Have’

ER Editor: See also this AFP piece via Euractiv.com – Poland’s Morawiecki warns EU leaders of threat to bloc’s future.

Today, Polish PM Morawiecki will give a speech to the European Parliament. Yesterday, he prepared the ground with a stinging letter.

From the AFP article:

In Morawiecki’s letter, he said that the primacy of EU law was “not unlimited” and that “no sovereign state” could say otherwise.

“Today we are dealing with a very dangerous phenomenon whereby various European Union institutions usurp powers they do not have under the treaties and impose their will on member states,” he said.

“This is particularly evident today as financial tools are being used for such a purpose (ER: see the point about EU funding below),” he added – a reference to new powers for the European Commission to withhold EU payouts if bloc norms on corruption and rule of law are seen as being threatened.

We doubt very much that anyone in the EU clique has the ears to listen.


Alexander Mercouris recently had this to say on the recent decision of the Polish constitutional court ruling, that its own constitution supersedes EU law and whether or not Poland will eventually comply with the EU come what may:

  • Mercouris: the Polish decision is radical. You cannot put EU law above the constitution of a sovereign country, which is what the Polish constitutional court has said. But the EU combine can’t accept this declaration of sovereignty by a member state. They will go full out against Poland. 80% of Poles still support EU membership, and did so historically as a move away from Russia. It’s also had a lot of financial support from the EU. So this is a limit on what the Polish govt can do. Poland’s economy has also boomed because of EU funds. Poland has been angling for 57 bn euros of support for pandemic relief. So the EU is now threatening to withhold that funding, which would damage its economy. Yet it’s not a foregone conclusion that Poland will fold; Poles have fought hard to achieve independence historically and its natural Catholic culture won’t easily accept the values of the EU. And Poland’s right-wing Law and Justice party, which raises the ire of the EU, has some tough characters in its ranks. So whether Poland will fold to the EU or not isn’t clear at this point.

Mercouris clearly makes a point about EU funding to Poland, formerly advantageous to the country and public perception of the bloc, which the EU is now getting prepared to use against it.


EU risks becoming ‘centrally managed’ as ‘dangerous phenomenon’ of institutional action threatens bloc’s future, Polish PM warns

Poland’s prime minister has penned a letter to the European Union warning that the bloc is at risk of becoming a “centrally managed organism, run by institutions deprived of democratic control”.

PM Mateusz Morawiecki on Monday wrote to EU leaders, institutions and member state governments claiming that “unfortunately, today we are dealing with a very dangerous phenomenon whereby various European Union institutions usurp powers they do not have under the Treaties and impose their will on Member States”.

We ought to be anxious about the gradual transformation of the Union into an entity that would cease to be an alliance of free, equal and sovereign states, and instead become a single, centrally managed organism, run by institutions deprived of democratic control by the citizens of European countries.

The Polish PM also listed several major challenges that the EU faces, including Brexit, a financial crisis “that threatens to weaken or even collapse the euro area”, and the gas and energy crisis which “threatens poverty for millions”.

“The fate of our Union in recent years is not a chronicle of success. If we want to avoid further crises, we must change our ways,” Morawiecki warned.

The PM also offered his assurances that Poland “remains a loyal member” of the 27-nation bloc, and asked for Brussels to hear the country’s arguments and “be open to dialogue” in hopes of finding “a solution that will strengthen our European Union”.

Morawiecki’s letter comes after the Polish Constitutional Tribunal ruled earlier this month that areas of the EU treaties are incompatible with Warsaw’s laws, concluding the principle that its laws take precedence.

The landmark ruling found Poland has the right to check the constitutionality of EU legislation, as well as decisions made by its Court of Justice.

Last week Morawiecki lashed out with accusations that EU institutions impinge on the rights of its member nations, remarking that “democracy is being tested” and that “we are at a crossroads” in the bloc’s history.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that the executive body would use all of its powers to ensure the bloc’s law retains primacy in the wake of the Polish ruling.

The law supremacy spat is another point of contention between Brussels and Warsaw. The two have clashed over the bloc’s opposition to Poland’s self-declared LGBTQ-free zones, as well as its Court of Justice ordering the country to pay a €500,000 ($585,550) daily fine for failing to end lignite mining activities after legal action was launched by neighboring Czech Republic over the site’s impact on local residential water supplies.



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Polish PM Comes Out Swinging Against EU Institutions As ‘Dangerous’, ‘Usurping Power They Do Not Have’


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  1. Aldous says:

    Don’t believe in or trust this guy for a second or an inch. He’s one of them.
    “Two of his aunts married Jewish men and converted to Judaism. ” Wiki.

  2. Aldous says:

    Morawiecki doesn’t look very ‘Polish’ to me. Clearly a Rothschild plant.

  3. Aldous says:

    It has the same ‘ring’ as UK’s ‘Brexit’. Nothing much has changed it seems.
    In fact it has got a whole lot worse for the people of Northern Ireland.
    All of a sudden there is a border issue again.
    It has the potential to make ‘The Troubles’ look like a walk in the proverbial park.
    The IRA/PIRA and UVF/UDA hierarchy must be watching the situation very closely as only they can. It’s their country and they have a solemn duty to protect it. EU stupidity will be mercilessly dealt with.

  4. emm jay says:

    Meanwhile yesterday in parliament, another six months extension to their ‘laws’ … no vote required, nothing to see here, eff off. Having witnessed ‘what fun’ they have at .37 secs, there’ll be no further comment from me … it wouldn’t be allowed on here.

    1 min. 20 sec. clip