NHS runs fake news psyop accusing phantom anti-vaxxers.

Anti-vaxxers target schools with fake NHS emails

Schools have again been targeted by anti vaxxers – this time using fake NHS surveys to discourage parents from getting their children vaccinated.

Vaccinations have started in schools across the county

Public health officials said that a number of schools in the county had been sent e-mails, headed with a fake NHS logo, and loaded with questions designed to sway parents against giving permission for their children to receive the jab.

The aim was for the schools to send out the surveys to parents as genuine – something that has happened in other parts of the country.

It comes as children aged 12 to 15 have started receiving vaccinations at schools across the county.

One of the statements contained in the fake form states: “We will not know what the possible long term effects of the Covid-19 vaccines may be (e.g. infertility) until after the studies of the clinical trials conclude in 2023. For this reason, the Covid-19 vaccines may be considered experimental.”

Rachel Robinson, Shropshire’s director of public health, said disinformation about the vaccines is “extremely dangerous”, while Ludlow councillor Andy Boddington said that using fake NHS forms was “a disgrace”.

Mrs Robinson said: “We are aware a number of schools in Shropshire have received an email including a fake NHS Covid-19 vaccine consent form.

“In response we have been in contact with all schools informing them that the form is a hoax and have sent them the genuine one.

“Misinformation about the vaccine is extremely dangerous and we are doing everything we can to work with schools to ensure all information sent to staff, parents and students is correct and based on facts.”

Councillor Boddington said: “If you want to talk about not having the vaccination that is fine, but using fake NHS headings is disgraceful.”

TAP – So this is a Shropshire schools news report, but then later in the article, they admit the same thing is happening in other parts of the country.  I don’t think there is any anti-vaxx organisation that would be large enough and capable of launching a national campaign of this type.  Nor would they work from a deceptive approach, but a truth-revealing open-handed one. 
Far more likely is that the level of anti-vaxx concern is now sky high with so many dying who have been vaccinated, so many adverse effects reported that everyone is now getting the idea that the Covid vaxxes are extremely dangerous.  This is more likely an NHS psyop to generate an anti-anti-vaxx wave of opinion to silence opposition.  If this story were true then who are these anti-vaxxers with funding and organisation to carry out such an operation.  They would have a name and names.  Of course none are given as they don’t exist.  These anti-vaxxers are phantoms who float around in the ether undetectable by all technological surveillance.  Bullshit!  The NHS are getting desperate to stop people awakening.  They are clearly failing as are their attempts at fake news psyops like this one.  If this had happened and was working to stop people getting vaccinated, it would never appear in the managed press and media.  If they are faking news reports, what’s their motivation, people should be asking?  Why would the NHS be an anti-truth organisation?  Think about that, folks.


4 Responses to “NHS runs fake news psyop accusing phantom anti-vaxxers.”

  1. Mick says:

    Tik-Tok! Time is running out for the medics who sold out their qualifications to become wealthier quacks, and I think they realise they made a really bad error of judgement. Talking of judgement, they’re going to get theirs, because when this is eventually stopped there will be people coming for them.

  2. Mr Dude says:

    I wouldn’t fancy being a so-called medical professional right now. There will not be enough police to protect them all from the angry hordes hell-bent on revenge.

    Where will they hide?

    It won’t be long before their addresses are made public by hackers.

    Every knock on the door could be their potential ending.

  3. Mr Dude says:

    ….and will the Police want to protect them?

    They are victims in this too.

  4. ian says:

    I agree 100% Tap’. Just like they are using extinction rebellion protest holding people up for hours on the M4, to get public support for criminalising protests, the governments will carry out false flag missions of many forms, from inciting violence at peaceful events to using 77 Brigade to attack people on line. Possibly even using 77 Brig’ to post these letters. The public are being conditioned to view anyone outside of the mainstream TV projected normal, as being a threat.