3 Responses to “Naturopathic doctor explains what the jabs are doing”

  1. ian says:

    Possibly true. Who knows?. Yes in animal trials, with mRNA vaccines, all the animals died, but are these injections mRNA, and if they’re going to kill everyone, why the graphene oxide?why the two jabs then boosters? why the obfuscation regarding ingredients? Then this anonymous supposed medic, knows exactly how it works without any mention of what’s in the jabs.
    Not saying she’s wrong, but I’d need more from her.

    • seanbeannua says:

      apparently the animals DIDN;T die in the trials, they were killed afterwards for postmortem investigation into the effects of the different types of vaccines they used on them; one included smallpox, which has been found in them; along with HIV ; they seem to be throwning everyting but the kitchen sink at is at this point; like the parasite measles, it’s the health of the individual which determines whether they break out in a fever or not; the illness is a result of the assault by a parasite, NOT a virus; viruses or exosomes, actually clean the cells of these invaders and die in the process; theres’ no such thing as ‘catching’ a cold or flu; it’s a parasite or bacteria or fungus that’s thrown out; it’s known there’s parasites in these ‘vaccines’. The graphene I think is for a coup de gras with the 5g assault. Way of getting rid of it is to take glutathione.

      • ian says:

        Yeah seanbeannua, ok. Judy Mikovits and others said that the animals in the mRNA trials showed great response to the “vaccine”, then most died from cytokine storm on encountering the real virus.