1. David 2 says:

    Apologies I assumed the video was included.

    The link below shows the interview 1 and the interview 2.

    It appears that a new interview is posted every day.

    The generals are impatient and the billionaire with the data bank is playing cool!



  2. ian says:

    Let’s put our plans up on a few websites, our enemies don’t watch???????

    • ian says:

      David 2 is this your best shot mate?

      • David 2 says:

        Hi Ian,
        It may well be my best shot as to what will change the direction of the world. Clearly marching does not achieve a great deal. So why not listen to some power players?

        The old paradigm is totally broken and somehow a new paradigm is going to be created. Living in France and having worked with Americans I understand the nuances. One is holding his cards close to his chest and the other is loudly shouting Lets Go Brandon!

        I posted it here to give a perspective that we are not normally privilege to.

        Again I am open minded. I like to consider many of the aspects that might be pertinent. If the Frenchman does have the financial and personal goods on the shadow Government members and decides to release, I suspect it will be an important event.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    Maybe this answers my question on the original post but I can’t be arsed to waste my time on the vid. Perhaps one of you guys will give me a pithy summary about the latest state of play> one sentence will suffice

  4. David 2 says:

    Hi Pete,
    We all know that there is a shadow government and they have a political agenda that is applied in unison by governments globally.

    Nations in action is primarily concerned with outing national elections which are stolen to ensure the shadow government’s globalist agenda is implemented.

    This Frenchman obviously shares their hate of the shadow government. His hate springs from their rape of Africa, where he encountered their crimes first hand.

    Nations in action and Philippe Arguillier have teamed up and these videos are primarily aimed at the shadow government. They are not aimed at you or I or the thousands who are marching in the streets for liberty.

    Arguillier has financial and personal data on all of the shadow government billionaires. His tactic is to try and have a cease and desist or he will expose their crimes.

    So far at a meeting in Cap d’Ail two weeks ago, the shadow government have offered him 20 billion euros for the data banks and he has refused.

    THEY are going for the head of the serpent and not their minions such as Macron, Johnson, Biden, etc.

    I suspect there will be one or two more videos and then a deadline or conclusion declared.

    Interesting times and I am pleased they shared the first video posted with Philosophers-stone. Otherwise we would not be aware of this high stakes poker play.

    To understand the characters and the current status, you must take time and listen to their conference videos. There seems to be a video every second day.

  5. ian says:

    Seems like another Q time stalling device. We don’t need to worry, someone is going to save us. They’re so confident in fact that they’re declaring in advance to the current rulers, that they’re coming to get them. Yeah, right.

  6. David 2 says:


    You could be very right and then again you could be very wrong. One thing is for certain, they are making a statement addressed to the shadow government.

    They are not wasting energy or time on twats like our “elected” political leaders or trying to educate you or I.

  7. pete fairhurst says:

    Thanks very much both. I’d go with Ian on this one tbh

    There is no actual evidence anywhere that this geezer has any data, is there? Please show me if I’m wrong. Why does he have any credibility, who ever heard of him before, how do we know he is credible?

    He sounds the same as Parkes and his mate were with their post election “Trump is going to reset the economy and save us all” guff. As Alan succinctly pointed out to me at the time, it’s a nothing burger…

    Whenever did a billionaire care about us plebs or do anything to help us anyway? So until something concrete happens then, I will forget about him, he’s just a waste of energy. There are far bigger fish to fry

  8. David 2 says:

    You asked me for a synopsis in order to avoid wasting your time and I have given it.

    In reply for your wanting evidence. Arguillier did claim to have been involved in the release of the Pandora papers.

    That release coincided with the Cap d’Ail meeting held on the same day with representatives of the Shadow Government. It proved that a financial data base exists, which is what he said was the purpose of the release.

    I tend to believe that he has the data and the only question for me is will he release it.

    I am sorry if I have wasted your time and energy on this story and these geezers. However the statement that you have or there are far bigger fish to fry is of interest!

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Yes thank you David

      I did thank you, and Ian, for your synopsis’ in my earlier comment

      There is no need to apologise either, because I did not say that I’d wasted my time and energy on this [although I clearly did with that first vid] just that I won’t waste any More time on it because it’s all simply a question of belief, it’s an evidence free zone so far, as your reply admits

      Each to their own. I guess that you will tell us all if anything comes of it
      Thanks and best wishes, Pete