MDs Denounce BC Health Officials as Frauds and Traitors


(Left, Globalist Traitors and Liars, Dr. Bonnie Henry, flanked by Premier John Hogan and Health Commissar Adrian Dix)
Happy Thanksgiving (in Canada) to you and your families. 

Please find the latest October 6th, 2021 “Open Letter” from the Okanagan Health Professionals attached. This letter is also accessible on the Canada Health Alliance website -, and is a follow-up to our initial “Open Letter” which was released September 9th, 2021.  No response has been received to that first Open Letter.

This new “Open Letter” provides evidence of the following:

Covid-19 injections are now proven to be toxic and harmful

Severe Adverse Reactions & Deaths from Covid-19 injections exceed all “other” vaccine injuries over the last 30 years combined

Covid-19 injections DO NOT PREVENT contracting or transmitting the virus

Our government is manipulating and misrepresenting the Covid-19 cases, statistics, as well as changing definitions of vaccinated vs unvaccinated

Health Authorities are coaching our children how to become “vaccinated” and conceal their medical information from their parents.

Safe and Effective early treatments are available, but are being suppressed, prohibited, and punishment (imposed on) those who recommend or use them

Other countries have stopped or are also calling for an immediate stop to the Covid-19 mandates.

We continue to openly demand our government to stop the “vaccine” mandates and other restrictions being forced upon us, as has been done in other countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and many others.

The lack of any response by our government is disconcerting. We can no longer wait for them.  We need all people to stand up and hold our government accountable. The attached follow-up letter is now addressed to our patients, friends, family, and media. We are asking for support, understanding and solidarity as we provide reference to many studies and related evidence that is being hidden from main media sources, thus suppressed.

Please share this letter and the incredibly important information that it contains with everyone.


The Okanagan Health Professionals