1. Gordon says:

    What baffles me is that so many otherwise healthy people should take this vaccine or any other vaccine. They can’t be right in the head!

    Much is said on this blog about Satan and how he wants the annihilation of the human race but nothing is said as to “why?” One wonders!

    • Graham says:

      Could it be he just wants rid of the God followers and fill the world with his own?
      What I don’t understand is why many Muslim countries are not following the western narrative. If this is Satan’s work surely he’d have them on board for extinction as well.
      Personally I think it’s just greed of the elite.. wanting the world to themselves.

      • Gordon says:

        “Could it be he just wants rid of the God followers.”

        Well, he and his fallen (1/3 of) angels tried that in the heavens and were booted out because he, Satan, thought he could do a better job of ruling the universe than God.

        “If this is Satan’s work surely he’d have them (Muslims) on board for extinction as well.”

        Make no bones about it Satan has hated man, the pinnacle of God’s creation, since the days of Eden. Whether Muslim or otherwise all are slated for extinction as far as he’s concerned. But, this still doesn’t answer the reason “Why.”

    • Aldous says:

      How ‘healthy’ are they Gordon?
      I would rather deal with physical ailments (I and most do all the time anyway) than mental illness/disability. Far better to be healthy in mind than sick in body. What use is a body if one’s mind is beyond repair?
      Someone once told me that ‘liberalism’ is a mental illness and they were right. They are totally deranged and believe one can pick up a turd by the clean end.
      Go figure.

    • Aldous says:

      My late Father lost his mind in his 60s and it was a nightmare to deal with until he inevitably (and mercifully for him no doubt) passed away in a superb care home. He was Regular Army (not Draft) and the horrors of war he experienced eventually caught up with him after my Mum died young – another war casualty. Most people think that war casualties occur during the conflict – and it’s true up to a point. However, the casualties carry on ad infinitum.

      22 Veteran’s A Day Commit Suicide Due To PTSD And Lack Of Self Worth

      I hate to think what he would make of what’s happening now and what he ‘fought’ for.
      All wars/are bankers’ war of course.

    • Graham says:

      Ive often questioned if the real Satan (adversary) is actually the God of the old testament after all he tried to rid the earth of man kind then also with the flood apparently.
      There’s also the Assyrian version of the God enlil and enki (enki being matched with Satan by some). Enlil wanted to rid the earth of mankind and tried many ways to do it but his brother enki managed to stop every attempt.
      The gnostics believe the God of the old testament is Aldabaoth a demi urge not the real God.
      Religious books have been altered and tampered with since the dawn of writing so it’s hard to tell what is history and what is just manufactured stories.
      Could it be we have been lied to all this time and the God we have been taught is a good guy is actually the bad guy and the Satan actually the good guy.?
      If so then perhaps it is God trying to rid the earth of mankind again but we think it’s Satan because we’ve been deliberately misled to believe he’s the bad guy.

      • nixon scraypes says:

        A rose by any name would smell as sweet but abstractions don’t smell, theyre different to each beholder.

  2. Aldous says:

    Up to 120,000 pigs in UK face culling due to lack of abattoir workers
    National Pig Association fears ‘acute welfare disaster’ within weeks if farmers cannot get stock processed


    I read that article and wondered if it was a subliminal message as to what is happening right now to the ‘goyim’ (cattle) in the UK and elsewhere in the World.
    Also, will someone explain to me why UK vehicles travelling to Europe now have to display a ‘UK’ sticker instead of the historic GB sticker?
    I believe UK vehicle number plates (front and rear) carry a small GB motif (on the left?) surrounded by the EU satanic stars.
    They surely don’t want the goyim to replace every vehicle number plate (x2) instead of just covering the motif up (partially/illegally obscuring a number plate?) and simply placing a UK sticker on the rear of the vehicle?
    The unhinged ‘elites'(sic) wouldn’t go that far…would they?