One Response to “I Read This Book Bill Gates Told Me To…”

  1. ian says:

    I can’t believe Gates would try to convince people to get his patented vaccines by using misleading information, well I never. For anyone reading this who does not know me, it is sarcasm. As I watched another post this morning regarding how to refuse a vaccine, posted by Weaver, the old Bill Gates’s polio vaccine disabled 490,000 figure again was mentioned. It is a factual claim although all the fact checker sites claim Gates proved the information false. I mean if the claim was 490,000, and 490,001 were affected then the claim was false, Like Nutty Yahoo stating that they never killed a single Palestinian, again true, they’d killed hundreds.
    It all gives an insight though into who or what we are dealing with. 490,000 disabled Indian kids. Not US or UK kids who’d be cared for, Indian kids with poor families and no government assistance. That’s half a million families ruined, and left in despair. If he’d packed in then and donated his fortune to a trust for these kids, he might have been forgiven, but no, no despair or death is enough to satisfy him.