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Hydra Vulgaris: when myth becomes reality

  • Heavy metal based lifeforms?
  • Microbiota found in vials.
  • Beyond the Graphene Oxide and into the world of the immortal Hydra Vulgaris.

The presence of the trade secret ingredient, Graphene Oxide in the mag-jab is becoming increasingly obvious to those who are paying attention.

However, we are in an apocalypse and that means everything is being revealed. Frauds, mass-murder and corruption of all natures are being exposed to the point where, eventually, only the truth will be left standing.

As the great unveiling continues, the more macabre it becomes and the discovery of a hydra-like creature in the poisonous serums being pumped out and into the brainwashed victims of state genocide is a prime example of that.

For many it will be too outlandish to contemplate, a revelation that goes too far and appears to belong to the realms of fantasy.

Yet, the allegorical tales of old offer us plenty of warning.

The purpose of the tales of old is to reveal the whirled through allegory.

The second labour of Hercules – his battle with the self-replicating hydra.

Imagine, if you will, the multi-headed Hydra, the creature Hercules fights in his second labour:

The first mention of this ability of the Hydra occurs with Euripides, where the monster grew back a pair of heads for each one severed by Heracles.


In the Euthydemus of Plato, Socrates likens Euthydemus and his brother Dionysidorus to a Hydra of a sophistical nature who grows two arguments for every one refuted. Palaephatus, Ovid, and Diodorus Siculus concur with Euripides, while Servius has the Hydra grow back three heads each time; the does not give a number.


Depictions of the monster dating to c. 500 BC show it with a double tail as well as multiple heads, suggesting the same regenerative ability at work, but no literary accounts have this feature.” Wikipedia

There’s Nothing New Under the Sun

The Polish researcher, Dr. Franc Zalewski, has demonstrated that the Pfizer ‘shots’ contain not only Graphene Oxide but a microbiological invertebrate that is immortal, that regrows itself in 20 days and replicates at will, reconstituting itself even after being chopped up or blended.

Microscopic images purportedly revealing presence of hydra in vials of the mag-jab.  Source: OrwellCity

It’s going to turn out that the Polish guy (Dr. Franc Zalewski) was right about these things feeding on graphene[…]


Dr. Sevillano: And it’s not contamination. Because the vials were sealed. The ones that came open have never been used for these things. Those have been used for other purposes. We have done other things with them, like leaving them in culture, to know if there are things that move or not. We’re even going to try to put this in culture, as suggested to us yesterday in the program. At a temperature of 36ºC. Let’s see what comes out of it.


Yes, yes, yes, yes. We take into account all the ideas that you share with us. But it’s not contamination. These images come from sealed vials that have kept the cold chain.”


The story of Hercules fighting the hydra has thus become a microbiotic reality:

The “Immortal” Hydra


Eternal life. For humans, it’s a fantasy pulled from science fiction, but for the Hydra (Hydra vulgaris), a small freshwater invertebrate, it’s a reality. These organisms, which look like miniature, fleshy palm trees with swaying fronds of tentacles, boast stem cells that exist in a continuous state of renewal and seem to hold within their genomic code the key to biological immortality. Every 20 days, the whole organism renews itself.


“As far as we can tell, it doesn’t age or die,” says Assistant Professor Celina Juliano, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. “You can cut little pieces out of the animal and it will regrow and maybe the most amazing thing is that you can dissociate the animal into single cells, mix them all up, put them back in a ball and a new Hydra will just grow out of it.”


Hydra are virtually immortal in a lab environment. Their unique abilities make them ideal for studies in healing and aging. Hydra regeneration was noted in 1744 by naturalist Abraham Trembley. Almost three centuries later, this animal’s amazing capabilities remain a mystery. Juliano hopes to solve some of those lingering questions and further establish the Hydra as a model organism for regenerative research.


“If you or I were injured, say our hands were cut off, there’s a specific genetic program that is activated and is required to heal the wound, but the hand wouldn’t grow back,” says Juliano. “That same genetic program is activated after injury throughout the animal kingdom, but in some cases, instead of triggering scarring, it triggers regeneration and thus the missing body part is replaced.”


Juliano and her colleagues have meticulously conducted a single-cell sequencing project on Hydra, defining the exact genes expressed in each cell type. They’re developing tools to help them better control this gene expression.


As technologies advance, UC Davis scientists and researchers are gaining unprecedented windows into the machinations of life. With the help of model organisms, they’ll reveal the causes of disease and illuminate potential paths to treatment and prevention.


Our tiny relatives in the animal kingdom are making mammoth contributions to scientific research and helping us answer the biggest questions about life.” Source


But hold on. I can buy the graphene oxide as a means of mass murder being the chosen poison for the vials and, quite possibly, its ability to connect with the internet of things but you’re saying they are deliberately placing these tiny self-replicating mico-biological forms, commonly known as Hydra Vulgaris, inside the vials?

How does any of this make sense?

It doesn’t. Unless you realise, finally, that this is truly one planet-wide mass experiment on the uninformed peoples of the world that simultaneously satisfies the following requirements of the insane engineers of a doomed plan for a satanic world:

1. Mass population reduction down to 500 million.

2. An experiment on how Graphene Oxide can be used to create a neural and/or biological lace that can transmit and receive certain frequencies within a 5G grid.

3. An experiment as to how Artificial Intelligence can be used to control the thoughts and emotions of the trial participants.

4. A mass experiment in causing sterility amongst the participants.

5. A mass experiment on the usage and effectiveness of micro-biological organisms when injected into people’s bloodstreams.

6. To create a new specie of being that is transhuman.

However, because it is all carried out by way of treasonous criminal fraud and deliberate intention to commit mass murder, all those who are complicit in the genocide, from the top down, will inevitably be held accountable for their actions.

The script writers are typing furiously, spewing out the same plot-lines, the same false premises, all reliant on a whoring media to regurgitate just what it is fed.

Inevitably, mistakes are made – the story jumps the shark, the scenery shakes, the crisis actors over-act as the glitches become forever wider in the matrix of deceit. Omissions and misrepresentations proliferate. Narratives are broken, too ridiculous to be believed any more.

Some will, in desperation to avoid the truth, regard the distinct possibility of an aluminium-based life-form, a self-replicating microbiota, being deliberately used in the vile vials as science fiction, or a horror story that is as macabre as they come.

However, it behoves us to rise above the fear and look at the emerging evidence that this, combined with Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things/ 5G network is a clear and present threat to Mankind.

The 12 challenges of Hercules are immense but he overcomes each one. The hydra is present and it is here to be slain.

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Hydra Vulgaris: when myth becomes reality