Godfrey Bloom backs the English Democrats


Digest icon link Your Host Bridget shared: Godfrey Bloom promotes English Democrats https://youtu.be/HViLkI5Imv4

Godfrey Bloom: We must start unscrambling the last 40 years of absolute European Union nonsense.   There are no other parties worth supporting, he says.  They remind him of the original UKIPPERS, very patriotic and libertarian.

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Godfrey Bloom promotes English Democrats.  There are no other parties worth supporting, he says.  The EDs remind him of the original UKIPPERs, very patriotic and libertarian.  They’re worth giving a go, he says.


The English Democrats promote their trilogy Deus Vult which explains their philosophy in these current very difficult times.  The second book in the trilogy explains how to resist The Great Reset.



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One Response to “Godfrey Bloom backs the English Democrats”

  1. Aldous says:

    Deus Vult = God Wills It.
    I studied Latin for many years and love the language. We should all learn to speak and read it.
    I often watch Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson where there isn’t a word of English spoken. It’s all in Latin and Aramaic. I usually turn the subtitles off as I grasp most of it.
    Hollywood didn’t want to know about ‘Passion’ so Mel Gibson made it with his own money and made an absolute fortune. Well over $half a billion. Every Easter the $s keep rolling in.