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Intro by Leah Butler

Last spring I spent three days in tears as I fought the urge to go to the elderly Care Homes, kick the doors in and start rescuing the imprisoned.
I had discovered from my research and following the comments in multiple HEALTH groups I’d been a member of for many years …
The elderly were being culled using the end of life protocols that Matt Hancock initiated (though it’s always been in the background) starting with license to kill in the form of a DNR.
Just before lockdown my mother had been coerced into signing one whilst recovering from a chest infection.
They handed these out to every person Over a certain age, all those with terminal diagnosis and even children with special needs.
The more first hand accounts I read, from confused young care workers seeing their elderly patients suddenly refused food or water and their comfort meds stripped away, as they then began the campaign towards death …
The more utterly horrified I became.
Back then I could not understand what was happening, how the bosses, nurses, Doctors could comply …
Since then I’ve learned they were told there was to be a mass death of covid and to keep things under control …
They’d have to make tough decisions about who to save.
They were also told anyone displaying symptoms inc fever, runny nose or cough …
Would not be permitted back into hospital, so the kindest thing was to put them out of their misery with the end of life protocol.
But when doctors made decisions to cull a 91 year old father, who had actually recovered from his ailment and nurses had advised family, but was put to death by the ward doctor who deemed him too old and his quality of life not good enough!
The family went live and shared their horror story.
Story after story …
No wonder no patient families were permitted entry.
Those who willingly participated will never be forgiven.
Many elderly who were dying were labelled covid deaths simply because it ‘seemed’ to be the recommendation from above.
This is why the Chief Scientists publicly told you …
‘not all deaths listed as covid actually died of covid, or even with covid’
Then the whistleblowers starting speaking out …
And the evidence started racking up.
The prescriptions of the end of life protocols …
The use of these drugs with ventilators even after it was shown this was medical error and lead to unnecessary deaths!
Patients needed respiratory support not ventilation and M drugs!
And in other countries they used their preferred protocols …
If an investigation were done into the presenting symptoms of hospitalised patients, care home patients …
And what the treatments if any were offered …
In combination with an understanding of the nature and action of these drugs used in all countries (G7) participating in the “Build Back Better” campaign …
You’ll find they all did the same thing.
It was necessary to have a health workforce used to taking orders without question.
It was necessary to inject huge fear into the same and the public they connected to.
It was necessary to make it appear as if the rescuer was the Govt.
Only those already awake to what was happening were looking behind the green curtain to see what was really going on.
And who paid attention to the whereabouts of the Pharma devils and what happened after each visit eg
After Gates visited Boris …
Into lockdown we went.
It was obvious months before the discussion became public they always intended to rollout and mandate a jab.
I met Clare Wills Harrison in those early months.
And as her work involved the elderly, she was witnessing first hand what was happening.
And worse … she witnessed what the forced imprisonment of her clients was doing to them mentally, physically and spiritually.
They were broken!
She became a crusader of the elderly and attracted the whistleblowers in their droves.
Her own mental health has been under threat all this time.
She has a strong spirit and a powerful determination.
She called me one day somewhat beside herself.
She could barely speak through sobbing.
Another whistleblower account had broken her.
And me too …
I begged her to take deep breaths but go live with the report and even if she cried to carry on.
Her video reached millions.
But she didn’t stop there.
At great cost to herself, her family and her health …
She continued in her efforts to support those working to alert others, protect children, fight for the elderly and more.
We have many champions, heroines, heros and campaigners for freedom, connection, community, love …
Mike Yeadon is another who has suffered greatly from the trolls, paid agents and army brigades … hellbent on creating confusion, division and distrust.
There are many others who’ve been attacked relentlessly for speaking out.
Many have lost their medical licenses, funding and their career.
But when they can see what’s at the end of the tracks …
Some will do whatever it takes to stop people getting aboard the tyranny train.
Here’s a quote from Mike, who like me, Clare and many of you – know what really happened to the people who died …
“I’ve personally intervened in at least three cases where remdesivir had been started in patients hospitalised with Covid-19.
I’m not a medic so my approach has been to recommend the anxious relative demand an immediate second opinion.
They’re all alive. One is the husband of a friend of my sister’s.
Note also that respiratory viral illness isn’t obstructive. Patients can become distressed if their gas exchange is poor & they’re desaturating.
But they don’t need mechanical ventilation coupled with sedation. Instead, an oxygen mask or nasal cannula will often help a lot, and if it doesn’t, your patient may be unsalvageable. “
What we all also know … there are many official organisations, filled with medical and scientific experts …Desperately trying to show the proven safe and effective treatments, that have a ton of evidence to support their use… Are being deliberately suppressed to roll out the tyrannical passports of mass control.

Most Covid-19 Deaths were a direct result of the administration of Midazolam or Remdesivir –

by Dr Mike Yeadon

NOTE The SOURCE of the following article is the very highly recommended People’s Media outlet The Expose. Please visit them for many very important and highly empowering exposes of the psychotic shenanigans of Enemies of the People

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