Gambling with paedophiles

Richard D Hall continues with his enquiries into Madeleine McCann’s death.

People often ask if there will be more Madeleine material from Richplanet, as if there hadn’t been enough already! The big question which everyone asks once they have got past the official narrative “abduction” nonsense, is why did the UK government and all it’s various tentacles help cover the Madeleine McCann case up? Today I provide a hypothesis on the reason for a cover up. I do not know if it is correct, and I welcome new evidence which supports or refutes this theory. The words, “I’m not here to enjoy myself” can be applied in a more general sense when discussing the reason you were put on this planet. A lesson to hedonists.

3 Responses to “Gambling with paedophiles”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Interestingly the long list of people said to be in the vicinity prior to the McCann incident includes many medical and corporate specialists who would have been able to advise on a project such as COVID – cardiologists to the fore, in vitro specialists, Porton Down doctors – who might have been researching what toxic substances could reduce fertility for example. At 40 minutes 50 seconds. The point being made that MI5 uses paedophiles for undercover work as they can be controlled by threat of exposure. The COVID operation has clearly been planned for years and requires the input of many ‘disciplines’ in assembling toxic vaccines, tests and so on, calibrated to reduce fertility and shorten life. Were the McCanns providing children to the network as MI5 agents themselves? Had they been involved in this work in Northern Ireland? The film explains some of these lesser known aspects of the McCann death – and wonders why the full force of media management was alerted to cover up Madeleine’s death from the very beginning, calling it an abduction, which was never substantiated.

  2. ian says:

    The original story did not work. Richard Hall’s first video’s which were quite exceptional, and an excellent source of information, though they destroyed the official version of events, didn’t give any meaningful alternative. This video finally does this. Not an answer but a scenario which could lead to an answer. Indeed was Madeleine with some targeted peado when she died? As always disturbing whatever the answer.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Well summarised Ian. From the evidence R D Hall gave in his videos it appears she was killed – possibly by mistake. If her parents were providing supply of flesh to intelligence to entrap medical and other specialisms in paedophile scenarios…