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Intro by Watchdog

This video should be watched by everyone.

The globalist pigs and scumbags who have hijacked the government of Israel turned that country into the world’s vax lab and more or less forced or intimidated millions of Israelis to take the booby trapped Pfizer pseudo-vaccine.

The results have been horrific and should set the alarm bells ringing across the planet: the human slime engineering this genocide must be thwarted in their effort to hide the evidence of what they have done.

With the fourth booster shot now being touted, 80% double jabbed, children being targeted and the casualties from the first three shots stacking up fast, the enemies of the People will evidently not stop until they have wiped Israel from the face of the planet.

It is ironic that a country surrounded by enemies will eventually succumb to the enemies – fellow Jews – within its own government and Pfizer.

But please God let the tragedy of Israel be a warning to every other country on the planet.

Here is an intro to this video by The Bernician

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that we maximise the number of people who see this truly harrowing documentary about the serious and fatal adverse events caused by mandatory vaxx policy in Israel.
This film has already been banned from the Israeli media because the testimony it so diligently documents is simply incontestable, on the basis that it focuses on the witness statements of the survivors and the family members of those who have died shortly after being vaxxed.
Please share far and wide.

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