1. Wayne567 says:

    We all need to do our bit and put every obstacle we can in the way of the corrupt evil governments around the world.
    Why are millions of people around the world not seeing what’s happening here, why can they not see what’s happening when the truth is so easy to find, it’s hitting them in the face.

  2. David 2 says:

    Galileo stated that you cannot distinguish truth from falsehood without reform of the human mind.

    Unless something happens to wake people up, they will not question.

    The demonic powers that rule the world are well aware of this. That is why they control the education of children, the media and the courts.

    Their power derives from promoting falsehood and not from promoting truth. The events currently happening are sowing the seeds for a mass awakening. The most popular meme at the moment is Lets Go Brandon! That phrase applies to politicians, media, big Pharma and the school boards that teach falsehood to children.

    A few months ago this would have seemed impossible!

    A climax is approaching, Clif High reckons it could be this Thursday. Who knows if it will be then, however it is possible to sense the tension developing to breaking point.

  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    The events currently happening are sowing the seeds for a mass awakening.
    Yes the seeds are sown, but no fertilizer or water to make them germinate.
    Look around – the face muzzles the social distancing in lines etc., scanning QR codes to enter a shop or restaurant. Stupid, people everywhere you look – moronic and obedient sheep.
    THEY are responsible for it all and what are we doing about them? F*** all. NOTHING.

    Sighhh… 😣 You’re dreaming David.
    It’s utterly hopeless.

    • ian says:

      Yes wishful thinking Alan, but, as Burns said the best laid plans o’ mice and men gang aft agley. There’s hope that they’ll make a cock up, big enough to cause them real problems.

  4. Tapestry says:

    London was encouraging last week. Very few masks. Lots of coughing. No one seemed bothered. Maybe they’ve all been vaxxed. Lots have but at least they’ve given up on the muzzles.

    • ian says:

      Same here Tap’, few masks and much coughing. I met a young guy though that was telling me he wasn’t vaxxed, and he was reasonably aware of the situation. We talked for half an hour. It really gave me a boost.