Comment about the Moderna Vaccine from a Covid Vaccine Injury site

I’m posting this here because I witnessed some extraordinary covert censorship on when I interacted with this post, and it seems to describe some of the structures that were observed and reported in the German/Austrian presentation. The original post also appears to have been removed from

COVID-19 Vaccine Ingredients 8


7 Responses to “Comment about the Moderna Vaccine from a Covid Vaccine Injury site”

  1. emm jay says:

    Anyone heard of the ‘experimented’ being ‘geigered’?

    • ian says:

      No I haven’t emm, but someone should follow up to see if there’s any evidence of this as it seems well possible and ticks the right boxes. UK Column yesterday said that Moderna, I think, claimed their secret ingredient was water. Mike Robinson it was presenting it. He suggested that they were either lying or trying to create anxiety in the public by delaying bringing this info out. What however if it is radioactive heavy water. Just a thought.

      • ian says:

        It would appear that heavy water although containing deuterium is not radio active, so my last comment was wrong. This does not mean however that they’re not putting some radioactive material in the shots.

      • emm jay says:

        Thanks ian. Let’s just see if this allegation has legs and how it rolls.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      One question I keep forgetting to ask even though it’s been on my mind for a while is: have there been many or even any instances of any obedient face-muzzled and ‘vaccinated’ slaves at airports setting of the alarms of those metal detectors, which everyone has to walk through?
      If this ‘vaccine’ is causing people to become magnetic, with enough magnetism to allow quite large magnetic (iron) objects to stick to their bodies, I’d expect those metal detectors to go into full red alert phase.
      I haven’t come across any reports of it yet, but that of course, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

      Just sayin…

  2. David 2 says:

    Apparently the vaccine significantly reduces and ages the bodies natural immune response. It empowers the toxins in the shots to attack pre-existing medical conditions. The fear is that the bodies weakened immune system may not protect the vaccinated against Covid variants or when a new virus is encountered.

    A double vaxxed friend is in a coma from a brain hemorrhage yesterday and is unlikely to recover. Her husband said she had a pre existing condition since childhood. I have another double vaxxed seemingly healthy friend who had a massive stroke and died a few weeks ago. Look at the huge increase in non covid deaths over the summer and the
    escalation of covid cases in the UK.

    Anyone with a functioning brain would probably connect the dots back to the vaccine. Yet cause and effect appear to be disconnected.

    I had my daughter and her husband, who are both double vaxxed, visit us from Boston a few weeks ago. We live on the border with Italy and as a treat drove to a village in the mountains for lunch. It is a very narrow road and for some reason it was an extremely difficult drive. My wife and I did the same drive last weekend with no problems. Could there be shedding from close proximity, that affects the unvaccinated? My wife seems to think so. Another occurrence was with some visiting Irish friends and a drive where we were stuck on the motorway. Having a brain blank, I could not begin to remember the name of the musician that I recorded. Normally it would have been instant and a fun recall with anecdotes.

    The two instances are probably coincidence, however they could be connected.