1. ian says:

    My message to the world, all seven of you. That satanic child and others abuse has been and still is, carried out by the elite, (IMHO, for blackmail and coercion purposes of those present), is beyond doubt. This video though is Pish.

    • AfterBurner says:

      Once I saw the Jon/Nathan/Jonathan Wedger & Shaun Attwood association coupled with the list of usual suspects, Ted Heath, Leon Britten & Jimmy Savile I knew exactly what was occurring. Brian Harvey exposed these people’s motives in detail.

  2. David 2 says:

    This video was taken from Philosophers-stone.

    Their videos are usually timely and something the world needs to hear.

    Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C₉H₉NO₃ produced by the oxidation of adrenaline.

    It is reportedly the drug of choice for the elite. It is reportedly harvested from children who have been terrified to the point of producing adrenaline.

    • ian says:

      Where it comes from matters not David2, what matters is what it contains. It contains 7 folk in a street somewhere.

  3. David 2 says:


    Just one person who is speaking out on a matter that we would all wish not to think about. Judging by the hug, she does appear to be supported by her husband or partner and the people that are in front and behind the camera.

    The video description:

    “Jeanette Archer is bravely going back to the scene of the crime at Windsor Castle, where she witnessed countless children being molested and murdered during Freemasonic Rituals worshiping Satan. Archer claims the nightmare ceremonies were presided over by Queen Elizabeth in order to harvest Adrenochrome to satisfy the addictions of the “Power Elite”

    The power elite need to be questioned and if necessary held to account. A great many children go missing each year, by her account it is over 100,000 in the UK alone.

    The same power elite have no conscience about murdering elderly people in care homes. They openly advocate for population reduction and vaccine mandates. Their reported drug of choice is harvested from children.

    I believe Princess Diana called the Royals reptilians and threatened to go public. I think she died in mysterious circumstances.

    Then maybe it is as you say just seven folk in a street somewhere and their video will not be on Youtube.

  4. AfterBurner says:

    Once I saw the Jon/Nathan/Jonathan Wedger & Shaun Attwood association coupled with the list of usual suspects, Ted Heath, Leon Britten & Jimmy Savile I knew exactly what was occurring. Brian Harvey exposed these people’s motives in detail.

  5. ian says:

    David2, I know what allegedly goes on, and yes it’s awful. I am against, in unofficial capacity, the monarchy, and all the ridiculous entitlements that go with it. The video you posted did not appeal to me, but I was wrong, in retrospect, to criticise it for that reason. I apologise.

  6. pete fairhurst says:

    Ian and David 2

    I agree with you both [other than the Diana psyop comment by David. Reptilians is a guaranteed “he/she is a nutter” route. Surely ne of the reasons that agent Icke blackwashed himself with that shite, it undermined the credibility of all his other good work]

    I also agree with Ian that this is probably primarily happening for control purposes. [See Whitney Webb’s excellent work about Epstein, Maxwell and “Intelligence”. She nails it, they were both control blackmailers for the bad guys, par excellence. Hard to be sure who is the more senior of the 2, probably Maxwell, her dad was almost certainly “Intelligence” too]

    This sort of disgusting stuff may well happen in elite circles, it certainly raises its ugly head quite frequently in places like the Tap. But this is a fruitless line of attack against these monsters. Because there is never any evidence other than from severely damaged victim’s testaments, such folk are notoriously easy to discredit

    So promoting this stuff is likely to be totally counter productive, it is beyond the pale for most normies, same as Reptilians. This is why I think that it is ultimately fruitless. When has this stuff ever born fruit in the past? The elites are far more vulnerable in other areas that more folk will be likely to support

  7. David 2 says:


    The sort of abnormal stuff you refer to, such as Adrenochrome which comes from terrorized children plus vaccine mandates designed for the genocide of Homo sapiens, probably happens. It is called reality and it is not what you or I want to hear.

    I hope you are not advocating ignoring what you call this stuff!

    That is the logic of Youtube.

    The power elite must be questioned and they need to be held to account.

    Think of the countless thousands of young children that are abducted every year and think of the billion plus people that have been injected with their toxins.

    Whether you think Diana was wrong in saying they are reptilians or the woman in the video is lying. Why rule it in or out? We are fortunate not to have encountered such horrors, however an open mind is always open.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      My mind is wide open David, but how am I to know if this is reality or not? These stories get us nowhere, they will surely never be proven and they just close down debate. They have been around for years, but nobody ever shows any evidence, and nothing ever happens, they are all still just stories. If adrenochrome really existed then it should be easily provable surely?

      This is nothing to do with the vaxx either, that is documented and totally verifiable, a completely different situation. The vaxx perps are exposed to real justice, if such a thing still exists. We just don’t know the outcome yet it is too early. Predictions are easily to make, accurate predictions a damn sight harder, words are cheap

      Diana was a psyop, so nothing that she is supposed to have said is worth quoting, nothing. She was all smoke and mirrors and it fed the celebrity beast for decades. Chris Spivey even cast doubt on her reality, he showed several familiar Diana images that looked like different people. Otherwise, all her shite was mainstream and we all know what that means. You might as well quote the BBC or the Guardian and I bet that you don’t do that very often