1. emm jay says:

    Where is this ‘breaking’ from David 2 … and whose ‘ultimatum’ and ‘database’ please?

    • nixon scraypes says:

      The Deep Space!

    • David 2 says:

      emm jay

      I picked it up on Philosophers Stone, which has provided much of the material that I post here. It is an unusual web page as it aligns with what is happening.

      I also happen to have lived in Cap d’Ail France for the past 17 years. We bought and operated a hotel here and have since sold it. It is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, I describe living here as protected by heaven. It borders Monaco and Italy and has a micro climate and views that are stunning all year round.

      I have listened to the video at least three times and felt it might have more than a grain of truth. Clif High has mentioned a self organising collective. It fits with the Philosopher Stone and it fits the narrative of this video.

      If there is any unusual activity in this small community then I will let you know tomorrow. Cap d’Ail is peaceful, there are some mega properties but it is not a place buzzing with tourists, they normally head for Monaco.

      The self organising collective is a mystery organization and is mentioned by Clif High. I rule nothing about the video out and wait to see.

      Regarding a database I assume that genocide of the entire human race, has data that traces to the 54 illegally elected corrupt political leaders in the world as mentioned in the video. It may also involve obscenities such as cash bribes, blackmail, election rigging, secret society membership, etc.

      The ultimatum would presumably come from the Self Organising Collective who allegedly control the data base.

      I would suggest listening to the video again as it does not appear to be a hoax.

      Something has to break and soon, or the world will tip over the edge. However on a positive observation, news is breaking at a breathtaking speed and the official narrative is crumbling by the minute.

      These are the worst of times and they are probably the best of times.

      • emm jay says:

        Thanks David 2. I’ll take a look … and look forward to hearing of any potential ‘unusual activity’ in your beautiful location … before or after their 6.00 pm (French time) rendezvous.

  2. danceaway says:

    Your reference to philosophers-stone is interesting, David2.
    It is run by a chap who worked closely with Ian Crane, whom you may not have come across personally since you have been in France during the years in which he was most active. Hence you may not have noticed when Tap expressed his belief that Ian was the founder of the alternative movement in the UK. Both Tap and I feel that Ian’s spirit is very much working with us ( he transitioned this past February ), and Tap also observed that Ihe feels Ian will stir things up on the other side, as he was never one to it idly by, even when he was very ill with cancer ( targeted?) Two of Ian’s favourite sites were The Tap and Philosophers-stone. Just ideas to ponder.

    • David 2 says:

      Thank you danceaway, I was unaware of the connections you mention. I only recognize what I connect with as part fo the big picture. Philosophers Stone was coming up with information all the time that was beyond coincidence.

      I shared it on this site for no other reason that it seemed very relevant to the direction that the world is going in.

      The horrific video I shared on the comment page with Weaver came from Philosophers Stone. That was why I trusted posting it. I know it was graphic, but it was obviously a message to the Shadow Government.

      You will be interested in the Stew Peters interview with Philippe Argillier on 11th October. https://www.bitchute.com/video/1o95P5tgQ3FV/

      I will also post on the site a piece about Trump from Philosophers Stone. It will make sense when you listen to the Stew Peters interview.

      It also makes sense of the final ultimatum to the Deep State on Philosophers Stone today and which these comments are all about.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Hi David, your link above goes to the nun, not Stew Peters? But I did find the Stew P interview with Mr Argillier online and I watched the whole thing. But he offers zero actual evidence, nothing concrete at all, no detail whatsoever about these “databanks”. So what makes you think that he is telling the truth? Anyone can make claims can’t they, but I can’t see how to verify what he is saying, can you? His seeming reliance on Donald Trump’s help makes me deeply suspicious tbh. Trump is surely part of the ongoing charade, always has been
        His finale about Michael Jackson is just bafflingly irrelevant
        Thanks Pete

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        “His seeming reliance on Donald Trump’s help makes me deeply suspicious tbh. Trump is surely part of the ongoing charade, always has been.”
        Oh yes. Good ol’ reliable and honest OWS (Operation Warp Speed).
        Whenever I hear or read comments from someone using him as their source, they immediately destroy any credibility they might have had. They might just as well quote Gomez Adams or even Simon Parkes, or Charlie Ward! In fact they’d probably be more reliable.
        I tend to disregard any commentators who still persist with singing his praises (i.e. Alex Jones and Info Wars, of which BTW, Stew Peters is also a team member).

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Thanks Alan, I had a wry smile when you mentioned Parkes and Ward. You probably remember that you put me straight about those 2 clowns during their long “Trump is coming to save us all” baloney after the US election. You said something similar to me then, and events proved you to be spot on. Trump is part of the problem not part of the solution, OWS indeed
        Best wishes Pete

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        You’re welcome pete. Yes I certainly remember it all and hoped you’d ‘get it’. You did 😊

  3. David 2 says:

    At about 6pm or shortly after I went to have a look outside. There were two small military type boats that had a lot of men dressed in what appeared to be black and all were standing up. They were just off Cap Estel, which is a luxury 5 star small hotel on a peninsula. A third boat then arrived with four or five men on board. The two military type boats then left heading out to sea in the direction of Nice. It is now an hour and one half later and the third boat is still patrolling off Cap Estel.

    I have no view of the road leading to the hotel. However Cap Estel would be the obvious venue.

    It would be impossible to know what transpired, other than they were not pleasure boats. Obviously something out of the ordinary did or is taking place.

  4. David 2 says:


    This is another link https://nationsinaction.org/maria-zack-and-french-billionaire-expose-global-corruption-with-databanks-on-the-stew-peters-show/

    My take was that Mr Argillier was trying to do a deal with the Shadow Government and the deal was if they stepped down then he would not release the data.

    It was clear from the interview that the recent Paradise Papers, which disclosed financial dealings from offshore accounts was from his data base. It was used as a means of proving to the Shadow Government that he had the goods on all of them.

    I would think that the graphic video posted on Philosophers-stone was also to show that he meant business. There were so many well known faces with Panda eyes and that suggests their involvement in pedophilia and worse.

    However as they say Talk Is Cheap. We will not know until we are informed. The Michael Jackson connection was a little strange or perhaps ill timed. However I do not move in those circles and cannot judge.

    I observed some action in Cap d’Ail at 6pm today that appeared to have a military involvement. Cap Estel is closed for guests which adds to the intrigue.

    Time will tell if he does a deal or releases the data.

    As Ian says we could certainly do with some good news.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Thanks David. I’m not sure that such powerful entities would actually do “deals” with a minor player, why would they? Why not just eliminate him and seal all his means of publicity…

      And the Paradise stuff is surely just like all these other previous “revelations” [Panama and something else beginning with P] by the Guardian and other MSM stooges who are all alike in that they never tell the truth. They never expose any real big western names of consequence. They all seem like a distraction to me, a hollow threat…

      Yes Ian is certainly correct in that

      • pete fairhurst says:

        2 further points David:

        Your link to “nations in action” is the same vid as far as I can see, so how does that explain anything more?

        Also, you don’t answer my main questions earlier: “So what makes you think that he is telling the truth? Anyone can make claims can’t they, but I can’t see how to verify what he is saying, can you?”

        Thanks Pete

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        I feel the same (strong scepticism) pete. Seems a wee bit too good to be true, or rather, much too good. I smell gas (lighting).

  5. David 2 says:


    I simply posted from Philosophers-stone a video that had intrigue and a reference to where I live.

    After that I like you can only investigate and see whatever knowledge can be gleaned.

    Has he got the goods on the shadow government? A poker player will not reveal his cards. I assume that Mr Argillier became a billionaire by playing his cards right. It sound like he is in a high stakes poker game. He could well have been arrested tonight as Macron is no doubt being instructed to get him.

    Is he telling the truth? He said he would like people to believe him but was prepared for criticism.

    Determining truth at this time is very difficult, especially when we are all hoping for some break in the relentless agenda to inject every man, woman and child on the planet.

    It would be nice to think that someone has a magic wand to heal the hurt and restore humanity. I suspect that is why we are all here posting and commenting.

  6. ian says:

    There is a ton of evidence that our self appointed owners are in the midst of culling as many of us as they can by creating a media created and induced panic over a disease, which is on a par with the flu or is a version of the flu. There is ample evidence that this is occuring as I speak.
    The MSM and those in control of the major internet channels are facilitating this. Pray tell me what TF could you expose that is worse than this, and how TF could you expose it. BS at best.

  7. pete fairhurst says:

    So 6 days have now passed since this was posted here. I am not aware of any database dirt being dumped anywhere by this French billionaire, is anybody else? Was all this just hot air as suspected? [see above] I presume nothing significant happened in your neck of the woods David?