Australian Fair-Work-Commission Declares Employers May Not Force Vaccines on Workers

Although the Declaration applies only in Australia it contains powerful truths that counter covid 19 false narratives and can be used as credible references.

Strongly recommended to read pages 32 to 44 [pages not numbered]. Read #139 to #174 and FINAL COMMENTS

#139 that suggests frequent antigen and other tests instead of the jab.

Does Fair Works Commission know there is no scientific evidence that SARS-CoV2 exists hence there is no covid 19?

Do they know the debunked PCR test to diagnose covid was used to push out contrived numbers of cases and purposefully terrorize populations world-wide into voluntary enslavement?

Do they know at least 97% of positive results were false due to use of excessive cycle thresholds in testing labs? PCR was developed as a research tool considered by its inventor Kary Mullis not suitable for diagnostic purposes.

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Antigen tests require discernment

The covid 19 scamdemic demands discernment, which means take responsibility for your choices and do your own research to ensure no error on your part.

Christiane Northrup revealed nasal swabs used in antigen tests are not benign. They contain harmful technology without full disclosure and informed consent of the individual tested.

Ethylene Oxide


2 Responses to “Australian Fair-Work-Commission Declares Employers May Not Force Vaccines on Workers”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Yeah, saw that a few days ago on Max Igan’s BitChute channel.

    What a bad joke. An insult!
    That moronic woman has just endorsed and given yet more validity to this global FARCE, by approving the dangerous process of allowing the tyrant’s largely untrained and unskilled idiots to shove sticks up people’s nostrils for no good reason, risking serious injury to them, whenever they wish; in order for the victims of this needless assault, to keep their lousy jobs. F#%* Me!
    If she and this worthless legal victory she so proudly announced was any threat to them and their nefarious plan for humanity, her BS would not be on YouTube (which the cabal owns, control and censors), either.
    The fact that it’s still there speaks volumes.
    The ENTIRE evil agenda needs to be publicly exposed as the anti-humanity holocaust plot that it is, and abruptly ended, before trials and executions for treason and sedition of its numerous perpetrators, commence worldwide.

    BOOO! Tanya.

    • ian says:

      Yes Alan, as you rightly point out, the fact that it’s still on youtube says it all. Stupid woman.