A big “thank you” to my government . . .


by Steve Cook

I owe Boris Johnson and his co-conspirators in the so-called “British Government”, more commonly known as the Gang of Loons, a huge thank-you.

Johnson may be justifiably regarded by the majority of my countrymen as the most inept or venal (and unkempt) Prime Minister in our history but we should not forget that the efforts of he and his fellow subversives to murder my country in its sleep have in fact poked into wakefulness the proverbial sleeping giant and millions, instead of expiring with a snore, have awoken with a snarl and are asking awkward questions they might not otherwise have asked.

An unintended consequence therefore of their globalist-engineered attack on the country has been a fast-growing awareness that there is something not quite right about the issue of vaccines and vaccine “science” in general, above and beyond the glaring nonsensicality of the Covid pseudo-vaccines.

There are probably millions like me who, until the government launched its slipshod Covid psyop against the nation, had not thought much about vaccines and had tended to accept without inspection the Big Pharma hype that they were safe and effective and a boon to mankind.

And maybe they are, some of them anyway, but the advent of the Covid controversy has led us inexorably to question the pre-existing basic assumptions that ‘everybody knows”.

And when you start to look closely, when you begin to question everything you are told by a lying government and a lying pharmaceutical industry, you start to see there may well be something seriously amiss with the vaccine bill of goods we have been sold.

One is not necessarily suddenly rabidly anti-vax any more than someone who refuses to buy a really awful car like the once notorious East German “Trabant” (Google it) is “anti car”, but it has become evident that the whole issue is fraught with unanswered questions and needs much closer examination.

It would greatly serve the nation, therefore, to have a truly IMPARTIAL public inquiry to dig up the facts of the matter regarding the alleged success and workability of vaccines, the true nature and role of vaccines and find out whether we have been led up the proverbial garden path by a corrupt industry and the front men working on its behalf seeded throughout a suborned and subverted government.

Such an inquiry done with vigour and a dedication to finding the truth might of course find the pharmaceutical industry’s miracle vaccines/deadly virus paradigm to be correct but we’ll not know for certain until we really LOOK and look hard at the whole issue. And certainly enough has surfaced concerning problems with the trustworthiness of the current orthodox paradigm to render such a long, searching inquisitive look vitally necessary.

And this brings me to the second boon for which we owe the numbskulls and crooks in our government a vote of thanks: they have managed to awaken millions more people to the corruption that has taken hold of our government and rendered it rotten to the core, plus raised at the same time broad awareness of the criminal nature of the pharmaceutical industry that appears to consider a few dead citizens as a small price to pay for expanding its profits.

There is increased awareness, too, of the degree to which the government has slid or slithered away from service to the people into serving the interests of its corporate pals or puppet masters and the degree to which it will lie and even kill its citizens to further that slide away from truly representative democracy.

In that regard, virtually the entire citizenry has become aware that WE DO NOT HAVE A POLITICAL PARTY THAT HONESTLY AND SINCERELY WORKS FOR OR REPRESENTS ALL THE PEOPLE.

It has become plain that we simply don’t have one and that Parliament sits in daily dereliction of its democratic duty.

The recognition that we do not have a party that truly represents us, coupled with the awareness of the degree to which the incumbent subversive power will lie and deceive in its efforts to serve corporate masters has catalysed a vibrant grass roots movement. The bottom line is that if we do not have a group that honestly represents one, we are going to have to stir ourselves to bring one into being.

That movement is flourishing at the grassroots level with the formation and interconnection of groups, cells, clusters and communities and has extended far beyond mere opposition to the genocidal mass-injection drive disguised as a “public health emergency” into the creation of and growing from the grassroots up of an entirely new national and global community to replace the worn-out globalist-engineered parasitic tyranny that is clearly in its death throes.

The attack on the nation has thoroughly backfired. It has become the catalyst for the growth of something much stronger and more vibrant and a movement that is flourishing and expanding like never before.

So we owe Boris and his not-nice-but-dim accomplices a big thank-you for their services to national rebirth.

No doubt we’ll give them a pat on the head before we, metaphorically speaking, string the bastards up.

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A big “thank you” to my government . . .


3 Responses to “A big “thank you” to my government . . .”

  1. Tapestry says:

    People may be more awake now. In London there is little mask wearing or evidence anyone is bothered by the charade. However the number still believing in vaxxing themselves is most sad. By the time they get round to realising if they ever do, will they be bothered to turn their new found truth into political action? A process of mass grieving is more likely. The government will claim all is COVID as the mRNA destroys the vaxxed immune systems. Statues will be erected to the victims. Prayers said, and millions buried. Grief stricken people will be nice and quiet just as the government likes them to be.

  2. David 2 says:

    “Political lies, make murder respectable” – George Orwell

  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    Yeah a bit of optimism can’t do any harm, even if it’s somewhat deluded.
    Boris hasn’t even started yet and he and any members of his humanity hating, treasonous gang of UN subservient puppets might indeed be ‘numbskulls’, but their globalist masters know what they’re doing and will never capitulate.