4 Responses to “What’s Her Face on Digital Currency.”

  1. Occams says:

    Can’t wait to see the robberies where they simply remove the necessary limb.

    ‘Stupidity is its own reward’ ~ my dad

    • ian says:

      It’ll certainly come Occams. I heard of a tourist in Jamaica, who had his forearm macheted off for a Rolex watch.

      • Tapestry says:

        I hear stories like that in the Philippines Ian. Cutting off a finger to get a ring e.g.. I doubt it’s true. Stories against tourism fit the agenda and are propagated, same as stories against men, against love and against families.

        This time we have a medical tyranny, a chemical tyranny. The weapons are different and the numbers to be culled massive, but essentially it’s the same old tyrannical system which will stop when the people don’t believe the deceptions any more. I would say more are waking up, but not the majority by a long way. People bought the COVID fake and can’t unbuy it no matter how much evidence accumulates that ‘we were ‘ad’.

        Will there actually be a microchip required? It seems from reports that graphene oxide can inject a signal into each individual with a serial number and code, available to read on bluetooth.