9 Responses to “Videos of the first babies being born 9 months after the Covid vaccine”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The eyes look strange – not human type. mRNA effect? Or is this a fake? It says ‘babies’. Only one is visible.

    • David 2 says:

      These images promote fear and appeal to our prejudices. Many babies, even baby animals are born with black eyes and vacant stares. It is a baby that is slowly acclimatising to their new life, it is nothing strange. They are Gods creatures after all.

      We need to cultivate the spiritual side of life, to counteract the satanic influences on our minds.

      We are obviously destined to go through this apparently horrific period in time. It is a challenge that each person must face and events are rapidly happening. Everyone is now being forced to question what they value in life.

      Humanity is a very strong bond. It will probably result in Nuremburg tribunals as the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are brought to justice.

      Rudyard Kipling’s open ‘If” should provide inspiration.

      • Gordon says:

        “They are Gods creatures after all.”

        Not all are God’s creatures. It’s said that we are now living “as in the days of Noah” and as of then the genetic code of mankind had been manipulated by the fallen Watchers to produce a hybrid breed of giants called the Nephilim, these were the men of old and of renown. They were renowned for their greed and violence towards men by taking all their acquisitions by violent force until they were left with nothing.

        There are many examples of giant humanlike skeletons having been found on every continent of the world by paleontologists but fail to be recognised by science because science does everything it can to disprove the Bible and the existence of an all creating God.

        Today, I’m of the opinion that mans DNA is being manipulated again through the Covid chimp vaccine to produce a new human-ape hybrid breed with superhuman strength with no fear. As such they are not of God nor of His creation and therefore have no soul (spirit). After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Humanity is a very strong bond. It will probably result in Nuremburg tribunals as the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are brought to justice.

    That would be appropriate and certainly needs to be happening right now, however, it’s now 2021, the era of the satanic New World Order, not 1947 post war Germany.
    In our 2021 Brave New dystopian World, there is no law or ‘justice’, at least not for us – the subjugated ordinary citizens, so don’t waste your hopes, believing anything like that will save us. It won’t happen because it can’t.
    The subhuman saltanists who control our governments OWN the laws and the corrupt judiciaries that are supposed to administer justice, so they’re hardly going to be sympathetic to anyone trying to convict them in their arenas of total lawlessness where they openly display total contempt for the law and so called ‘justice’.

    Nobody is going to ‘rescue’ us from this nightmare. It is entirely up to us to end their dastardly plan by practicing en masse civil disobedience at all times, by large numbers of us totally refusing to comply with any and ALL of their dehumanizing mandates and diktats at all times.

  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    ‘The subhuman saltanists…’
    Damn auto type!
    I call it Auto MIStype.

  4. archer says:

    Can’t be sure about this video, nor the affected (poor) babbie.

    I think what we can say with some certainty, is that the many birth defects that will inevitably result from vaxxed mothers will not be publicised widely in our media. In just the same way as they’ve stayed pretty silent on DU induced birth defects that affected children born in the countries that were attacked (sorry ‘liberated’) by our brave militaries.

  5. Tapestry says:

    The demands are made for tests etc. If you ignore the demand there seems little more that happens. If they try to enforce then they are usually acting illegally and a warning letter advised by the lawyers offering free advice on the net throws the aggressors back. They are not totally sure where the new legal boundaries will be themselves, so they are doing the usual tiptoe seeing how far they can break the former laws without anyone reacting. If you threaten legal action when they break the law, it’s stressful but effective, in my experience. I was advised that suing a school would cost me £25,000 for example, which I was ready to commit to. The school backed down and made all medical interventions optional, and all vaccinations dependent on parental consent. The Nuremberg Code was quoted in correspondence, but there are many similar codes. The school stated at the beginning that they did not want to be accused of acting illegally, and they wished to comply with the law. Once we had demonstrated that the actions being requested by government were either illegal, or being incorrectly communicated, the school started making its own decisions rather than simply following ‘guidelines’. It has not been easy but has been worthwhile going through a few weeks of stress.

  6. David 2 says:

    Well done Tap, you have probably saved the lives of many pupils.

    How much longer can the public take the NWO agenda?

    Will the graphene effect wear off? Will the increase in deaths be noticed? Will young people ask questions or talk to each other about the vaccine agenda? There is nothing like being censored on social media to raise awareness.

    Will the EU end vaccine mandates?

    The pendulum always swings back in the other direction. Something will break the satanic spell!

    • Tapestry says:

      It could take a few years for the pendulum to swing back David. It’s best to keep a low profile according to the advice in Deus Vult, comply where you have no choice but do not consent or offer tacit support. Silence can sometimes be a more powerful tool than shouting. They want a violent reaction and put agents provocateurs on the streets. Don’t get dragged into their games, but let everyone know quietly by your silence or gentle opposition.