Transplant patients now rejecting organs after taking the jab

Belinda Blease

Most all my patients in PCU that are really sick got the jab.  I work on the step down transplant floor somtimes, PRN float.  I know there are a few transplants whos organ is now rejecting them which started shortly after they got the jab.  I ask some of my patients if they started experiencing symptoms after they got the jab, so far all yes.  Today a 25 year old syncope, home with Keppra for seizures, started right after he got the jab.  Another patient has 5 tubes coming out of his body!  This is heartbreaking.  I got called in to the ACNO for the third time today.  But this time I said “crimes against humanity” and asked why aren’t we using Ivermectin and that I had also emailed our CEO the same question.  This is heartbreaking.  Getting difficult to continue working.