This is why they are pushing the vax so hard

This is why they are pushing the vax so hard

because the first babies being born to vaxxed moms are having serious problems and they need to get everyone vaxxed quick before people can become informed about this.

This is not the only one, there are more surfacing.


This baby’s mom got the Pfizer vax at 1 month pregnant.

Think that is a coincidence? Think again. This next baby is one who’s mom got vaxxed AFTER he was born, and his reaction to her breast milk is obviously the exact same thing as above, at a lesser level:

You will see an ENORMOUS push to force people to get the shot before images like these become widely known about. The people behind the vax will shut down the web and kill people to stop this information from spreading. This is only the tip of the iceberg, just wait a couple months . . . . . THEY WILL NOT WAIT because they know this is going to happen.