The GREAT RESET: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

The Long-Planned, Highly Organized Controlled Demolition of Post-Modern Civilization

State of the Nation

All the signs and omens have been appearing in the firmament, as well as on Earth, for many years now.

With the advent of OPERATION COVID-19, the New World Order globalist cabal has greatly accelerated all agendas that constitute, in the aggregate, what is now well known as the GREAT RESET.

It’s of paramount importance to understand that everything happening in the world today is intimately connected—EVERYTHING!

For example, the unprecedented container ship jams on the West Coast, the 500 year droughts and unparalleled heat waves, supply chain disruptions and dramatic food price increases, intensifying hurricane seasons in the Gulf of Mexico shutting down the Oil&Gas Industry, corporate cyber-attacks and rogue ransomware attacks, chemical plant fires and other industrial plant explosions, US exit fiasco in Afghanistan and illicit arming of Ukraine, destruction of Lebanon’s power infrastructure and increasing attacks on Palestine, the transparently stolen 2020 POTUS election and Jan.6th false flag operation, etc. were and/or are all being perpetrated with highly purposeful design.

Of course, with the highly staged COVID-19 Plandemic and Psyop, as well as the aggressive implementation of the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda, the entire planetary civilization is stealthily being primed for the GREAT RESET.

Because of how committed The Powers That Be (TPTB) are at this late date of THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, they have no choice but to pull the trigger on their “Long-Planned, Highly Organized Controlled Demolition of Post-Modern Civilization”.

Truly, the Covid criminals have passed the point of no return whereby they must pull the plug on the whole megillah—the Global Economic & Financial System.  Were they not to follow through on their plan for a controlled demolition of virtually everything, they seriously run the risk of undergoing their own ‘controlled demolition’.  That’s how many people on the planet are now livid as hell beyond anything we’ve ever seen before.

KEY POINT: There’s one thing that the power elite is deeply afraid of: uncontrolled chaos and pandemonium, spontaneous mayhem and violence, pervasive lawlessness and anarchy, especially when it’s directed at them.  TPTB know that, were the 99% to militate against the 1% in an organized fashion, it’s game over for them.

Heretofore, virtually all seemingly random events of this nature are the product of NWO schemes designed to create maximum chaos, confusion and conflict.  After all, Ordo ab Chao is the hallmark and MO of TPTB.  However, they’re about to experience a HUGE  a reversal of fortune

What this really means is the original Illuminati bloodlines stretching back to the Babylonian Brotherhood, along with the more recent Black Nobility of 13th century Europe and the Khazarian Mafia terrorist organizations, are about to experience the biggest tidal wave of karma ever to wash over planet Earth.

While it appears that TPTB exert 100% command and control over the whole place, they have become extremely arrogant and full of hubris to their great detriment.  Given how utterly brazen and reckless and desperate the COVIDcon has become for all to see, the people around the world are waking up faster than you can say DEPOPULATION.

Let’s face it, whenever a full-blown genocide is taking place in anyone’s midst, it doesn’t take very long for common folk to go into self-preservation mode.  Who does not smell the acrid smoke of the immense Holocaust occurring in communities everywhere today?!

Which brings us back to the GREAT RESET.

The daily news cycles are now fraught with so many extreme events that it’s clear the dark side is acting out of extreme desperation, if not preparing to flee for their lives when the Nuremberg Trial 2.0 are commenced.

The forces of darkness are well aware that time is not on their side.  They know the longer the pandemic hoax is carried out globally and painstakingly covered up, the harder it will be to continue the epic fraud against humanity.

The unfolding Covid tyranny should have been shoehorned into place well before the major pieces of the GREAT RESET are put into their proper place.  Hence, TPTB are frenetically acting in haste and making huge mistakes for humankind to see.

Their exceedingly difficult predicament is actually getting more challenging by the week.  As countless souls awaken to the obvious fact that they and their family, friends and acquaintances are being systematically genocided, they will soon strike back at the Covid perps (whose names and addresses are now all over the Internet).

Of course, pitchman Klaus Schwab, frontman Tony Fauci, hitman Bill Gates and bagman George Soros are all the easy targets who will be quickly apprehended and detained before the Nuremberg 2.0 trials.  However, it’s the many layers of hidden leadership, which exist levels above these four lifelong career criminals, who will be driven out of the shadows and paraded across the front page of the Internet for all to see.

This is why things are so00000000 crazy right now.  The Covid criminals are in a frenzied race for their lives.  And, every time they reach a new milestone toward executing the GREAT RESET, their many malevolent missions only gets more difficult if not impossible to accomplish.

Really, how do you lock down the entire planetary civilization without huge pushback?!?!  And, dire consequences when a critical mass of people awaken to the absolute necessity of exercising their right to self-defense…and will toward self-preservation.

Bottom Line

There will be an epochal GREAT RESET.  There’s simply no stopping it at this point.  The only question that remains is will this much needed reset of civilization take place on their terms or ours.   As follows:

“People, it’s time to shut down the Covid juggernaut…”

State of the Nation
September 8, 2021

The GREAT RESET: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know


2 Responses to “The GREAT RESET: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Stopped reading as soon as I arrived at ‘Nuremberg 2.0’.
    Those who continue to champion that unfortunately, very popular brand of false hope are no less deluded than our brainwashed, slave-muzzled collaborating fellow citizens, who enabled this wicked agenda, by their gleeful compliance to all of their ludicrous, dehumanizing mandates.
    It’s now 2021: the era of the dystopian, lawless NWO, not 1947 Nuremberg.
    The only way this will end is when the sleepwalking masses wake up and stop obeying the treasonous oligarchs that hate them and want to kill them.
    Until they accept that reality, nothing will wver change for the better, but the level of barbarism and tyranny will only progressively worsen.
    Forget ‘Nuremberg 2.0’, forget the corrupt judiciary especially, which the cabal own and control. The ONLY solution to ending this evil agenda and thwarting their anti-humanity plans lies with us: the subjugated masses and will NOT be delivered by any of their corrupt courts of lawlessness.
    En mass civil disobedience and total non compliance to ALL of their demonstrably false ‘health emergency’ mandates and diktats, is the only way to go, although nowhere near enough of us are awake to participate.