The children of the vaccinated are getting sick and the hospitals children’s units are filling up

Dr. Eric Nepute in D C. Is warming. Hospitals are filling up in the children’s unit due to neurological system damage due to GUILLIAN-BARRE syndrome created by Spike Proteins

WHO and CDC have sent letters to all hospitals directors, informing them to label the children’s sickness as Acute Flaccid Myelitis ,which effects the spinal cord, nervous system and weakens the muscles the limbs and reflexes (the reasons for this.. So children sickness happening now can be faulted on the Delta Variant) >> AND,NOT TO LABEL as GUILLIAN-BARRE which is created through massive Spike Proteins> and produces a rare autoimmune disorder, and a persons own immune system attacks, damages the nerves (neurological system damage the brain), muscles damage caused by major spike proteins in the brain and organs.(Johnson& Johnson put warnings on their vaccines about GUILLIAN-BARRE side effects and blood clots)
The most dangerous people right now.. Are the vaccinated..

Why didn’t children get sick last year? Why are they finally getting sick after the vaccinations came out?>>>> Protein spikes , shedding.

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