Spanish Doctors Challenge Ex-Minister on Air Who Walks Off the Set

ER Editor: 60 seconds of the video says it all. One of three people on the right – a doctor most probably, addressing the lady in orange on the left – the ex-minister?, gives official death stats due the vaccines. Within 30 seconds she gets up to leave, taking the man with her who hadn’t intended to go (is he the president of the medical college?). She takes another 30 seconds to leave, getting her microphone unhooked, while other doctors on the right challenge her with more questions.

Alas, we don’t have Spanish, but one twitter user describes the following:

(The doctors opposing the women in orange) give the official statistics of the EU, UE and Russia. Just 3 countries, more than 40,000 deaths due to the vaccines, then they start to give the numbers of infections and deaths among the vaccinated. That’s when the pandemic officials clear off.

Another twitter user describes her overall reaction thus:

And she continues, “Pardon but I’m leaving … I don’t want to be an accomplice to this … Understand … What I would like to talk about is pathogenicity – why are all these deaths happening for the vaccines…. Why I’m leaving… The pathological mechanism…”

The tweet below tells us that this is the ‘first official televised debate on the pandemic’.


INCREDIBLE! In Spain, ‘the ex-minister and the president of the medical college hurriedly leave the first official televised debate on the “pandemic” upon hearing the official death toll caused by the “vaccine”‘


Translation: Incredible! In Spain, the ex-minister and the president of the medical college suddenly leave the first official, televised debate on the ‘pandemic’, hearing the official statistics of deaths caused by the vaccine.  Victory for the resistant doctors by KO!




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