Small country town facing 5G switch-on

A report in The Shrewsbury Chronicle announces in a tiny box on page 15 in Thursday Sept 9th’s issue, which you could easily miss, that Shrewsbury is to be the first county town in the land to be assaulted with lethal 5th generation pulsed microwaves, commonly referred to as 5G.

It reads – ‘EE said it has switched on its 5G network in Shrewsbury ahead of major events such as the food festival….

The introduction of the technology has been welcomed by local politicians, naming Councillor Rob Gittins.  The network will provide good outdoor coverage at places such as The Quarry Park and Shrewsbury Railway Station, as well as the town centre, Monkmoor Recreation Ground and Rea Brook Nature Reserve.’

TAP.  I am sure the otters and all other wildlife will be most pleased with the arrival of killer pulsed microwaves in their midst.  There are many bee hives in the nature reserve.  Bees particularly are prone to colony collapse in 5G areas.  How come EE has got around the Council which voted to stop 5G from being installed?  Faster internet is supposedly on offer to those dumb enough to buy 5G phones.  Yet no doubt we will now see a series of medical collapses from people visiting the town from hereon, an increase in cancers, illnesses and deaths.  People who are vaccinated and magnetised with Graphene Oxide could be especially vulnerable to 5G.  It won’t just be the bees.  We are also creatures of resonance.  Vaccinated might find they can’t cope with this electronic assault first.  All are vulnerable.

Why are so many places of relaxation and leisure being covered by 5G in Shrewsbury?  ‘They’ don’t like not knowing who’s walking around  and having fun – anywhere.  In the town centre you’re already covered by CCTV, and probably by microphones and 4G locator technology in street lamps and numerous masts dotted around. 

But people can’t be allowed to wander around the Rea Brook Nature Reserve or The Quarry without big brother knowing who they are and where they are going, and who they are talking to, and what about. 

Or do otters have mobile phones?

5G is a part of the spying matrix as well as a lethal technology associated with the death of insects, animals and humans, along with birth defects and infertility.



3 Responses to “Small country town facing 5G switch-on”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    I think it was Albert Einstein who said that if all the world’s bees died, all of humanity would also be dead within 5 years!

    • ian says:

      My young Granddaughter is afraid of bees, My mint plants have flowered and are moving with honey bees. When she was here, I stood amongst the bees with shorts on, “not a pretty sight, lol”, but I reassured her, that they’ve more important things to do than kill themselves by stinging people who are no risk to them, and I even managed to coax her near to them. I think it helped her. I love the picture you posted, it’s on my desktop wallpaper now.