Sensational Report: Archbishop Viganò Excoriates Pope Francis and Accuses the Vatican of Complicity in the Covid-19 Catastrophe


Edited and presented by Lasha Darkmoon – Sept 17, 2021

LD (by way of brief introduction) :  The 7-minute video below  is one of the best introductions so far  to the Viganò Controversy. This  has far reaching consequences not only for the Catholic Church and the papacy of Pope Francis but also for globalism, the depopulation agenda, and the Covid-19 scandal.

This is an ongoing controversy to which, I confess, I am ignorant of many of the finer details which have somehow passed me by. There is of course no excuse for my appalling ignorance. The best I can do here therefore is to cite the controversial  insights of my respected correspondent “Darrell W”, whose poetry I have had the honour of publishing on my website and whose comments on world affairs have enlightened so many people of my acquaintance.

Darrell, his real Christian name, is a former monk who spent 13 years in a Benedictine monastery and left after a crisis of faith and disillusionment with the way things were going in the Catholic Church. He could never quite accept Vatican II, believing that it was a complete travesty of 2000 years of traditional Christianity. Which indeed it was.

I will allow Darrell, a devout Christian of the Old School who knows more about the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima and of  the Three Secrets revealed by Sister Lucia—before she died in mysterious circumstances—to speak for himself. Listen to this former monk carefully. His inside ecclesiastical knowledge is as deep as it is erudite and his sincerity is hard to doubt.

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DARRELL W :  Among the many bombshell interviews  with Archbishop Vigano, you will find the following  explosive quote:

“No one will be part of the New World Order unless he carries out an act of worship to Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he receives Luciferian initiation.”

— David Spangler, Director of the United Nations Planetary Initiative Project, Findhorn, 1978

I believe receiving “Luciferian initiation” according to our Satan-serving elites occurs when one receives one of the various “vaccines,” which most people don’t know have been created with the use of aborted babies.

(The controversy over whether aborted babies’ cells are harvested from them while they are still alive, and utilised  in the latest vaccines,  is a heated one, with many different opinions on this subject. — LD)

I hope Vigano has the light as well as the courage to be able to put the puzzle pieces together and realize that the visible structures of the Catholic Church have been taken over by the enemies of Christ, a spiritual chastisement preceding the still to come physical chastisement of the “annihilation of nations” foretold by Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 if Her requests were not heeded.

This 3 min 40 sec segment on Pius XII’s 1957 reading of the Third Secret of Fatima (which even very few Catholics know about) from an important series of interview,  explains a lot about the dark forces working in the background:

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Pius XII’s reading of the Third Secret of Fatima, his reaction after reading it, and the gist of its contents, is of crucial importance. If you want something beautiful with moving background music, there’s “The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima” Movie (1952, 1 hr 42 min, Academy Award Nominee):

As for the actual events and the Message of Fatima, there’s this Fatima Documentary: (28 min)

The 1917 Message of Fatima. and Mary’s subsequent revelations to both Jacinta Marto and Sr Lucia, shed much light on the present world crisis.

And as I’ve mentioned before, Sr Lucia was “disappeared” (probably murdered) and replaced by an impostor by enemy infiltrators in the Vatican around 1958 (the same year the papacy was usurped) in order to prevent her from revealing the Third Secret and also to allow them to distort the entire Message.

It appears that the deception even involves a fake assassination attempt on John Paul II on May 13, 1981, in order to make him appear to be an anti-communist suffering hero and to make him the subject of the bogus “Third Secret” revealed by the Vatican in 2000 involving a murdered “bishop dressed in white.”

May 13 is the date of the first apparition of Mary to the three children, making Pope John Paul II appear to many Catholics as a specially chosen “Pope of Fatima.”

This diabolical deception knows no bounds, and it appears that the Jews get malicious pleasure in seeing how easily they can hoodwink the goyim, e.g. with 911, and in these cases an impostor with no resemblance to Sr Lucia, and the white cassock supposedly worn by Pope John Paul II missing the blood where he was supposedly shot in the abdomen. Most people see what they expect to see or want to see.

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LD (concludes) :  

This is the first of 18 tapes in which a single question is put on 18 successive days by veteran American journalist Robert Moynihan, a Vatican expert,  to Archbishop Vigano. The Archbishop is now perhaps the most devastating  critic of the papacy and its corrupt ways since Martin Luther in the early 16th century; in short, the current Pope’s biggest thorn in the flesh. 

Robert Moynihan, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Inside the Vatican Magazine,  is the author of The Moynihan Report.  

VIDEO     :     7.10 mins



Sensational Report: Archbishop Viganò Excoriates Pope Francis and Accuses the Vatican of Complicity in the Covid-19 Catastrophe


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  1. Tapestry says:

    There is a chapter on Archbishop Vigano in Deus Vult – The Great Reset Resistance. On sale by the English Democrats. Not all resisters are ordinary Joes. Many in the church and legal hierarchies want to resist.