10 Responses to “RNLI lose donations as they turn away boaters because they’re too busy rescuing immigrants. Courtesy of Aldous.”

  1. archer says:

    I’m on the fence about this. The Daily Wail clearly exaggerate this (as they do most ‘stories’).

    The RNLI are apolitical and there to save lives – and not to judge on the rights or wrongs of whom they are saving.

    I’m not in favour of the boat people and their methods, however are the daily wailers, Farage et al seriously insisting that the immigrants should not be ‘saved’? I suspect many probably are.

    • ian says:

      Hi Archer, I’ll accept your judgement on the “Daily Wail”, I stopped reading any MSM articles over 20 years ago, except as in, eg, this case when someone draws them to my attention. That the immigration into the USA as well as Europe and Britain including
      Ireland, is politically facilitated as a deliberate plan to destroy European races, then I don’t think it is difficult to understand the resentment towards the immigrants, the facilitators and the RNLI role in assisting them. Germany and Sweden, and other European Countries are shadows of their former selves, as are British cities. London, Leeds, Bradford, and many more. Whilst the article is predominantly about the RNLI involvement in rescues, I’m sure it is viewed by many, myself included, as a facilitator of our destruction by immigration, as laid out by Coudenhove Kalergi almost a hundred years ago. Given the current likely cull by lethal injection taking place, I suggest that twenty years from now our Countries will be unrecognisable, and it is not for the benefit of the occupants, that these changes are happening.

      • archer says:

        Hi Ian, I take your points as I do those of Aldous.

        I’m equally exasperated by the relentless influx – just not sure what the solution is, short of putting up a barrage around the British Isles.

        I think the RNLI would have a problem (legally/politically) returning the migrants to France – even if they wanted to.

    • Aldous says:

      Morning archer. It’s a cruel world – which I for one will be glad to eventually say goodbye to as it’s getting that bad.
      If you keep saving them, they will simply keep coming – care of and funded by the despicable likes of Soros.
      If the RNLI want to save them, then they should return them to where they have set sail from and should never have been allowed to depart from in the first place. After all, it’s not that far from Dover to Calais.
      The DM is often referred to as the ‘backstabber’ by UK friends of mine with very good reason. The RNLI are definitely NOT ‘apolitical’ as you say. Anything but.
      The RNLI volunteers – putting their lives at risk foc I hasten to add – should not be assisting illegal immigration that is clearly intended to displace and genocide the native White population.

      • archer says:

        Great points by both Ian and yourself, Aldous. I don’t disagree with you on anything you say.

        I was merely saying that I believe that there are two issues at play here. One being the RNLI as an emergency service (of sorts). The other is clearly the more dire situation of relentless arrivals of dinghies.

        It pains me to say it, but this country is finished for so many reasons – including mass immigration. The country was full a long time ago and has indeed been changed irreversibly and beyond recognition due to immigrants predominantly from the Third world. I understand their desire to come here, but very few really provide any positive contribution to the host country. The same goes largely for Eastern Europeans – who may be hard workers by and large, but will inevitably be net beneficiaries of living in the UK.

        It’s a race to the bottom; the Tories are building lots of £200k+ properties over lots of brown and green belt land, whilst the traditional urban areas turn to slums full of the new arrivals. No new infrastructure is being built to accommodate the new arrivals or new houses – in fact the opposite; council and health services are threadbare (except for COVID of course, where many Tories and their donors are doing quite well out of PPE and vaxes).

    • Aldous says:

      The ‘boat people’ are WMD illegal immigrants who have to live somewhere foc when they’re ‘saved’.
      Have them all come live with you and you and yours pay for it.
      Sorry archer but that’s the reality.
      Not to mention that many if not most of them are being deliberately positioned/dumped in White countries to wreak havoc, destabilise and eventually ruin.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi archer. I posted that before reading your reply but I have to say that, for every Third World life saved in the English Channel, a First World life will be lost at home.
        They should never be brought to the shore they are aiming for but returned to where they came from. It’s only a partial solution but they should never be assisted in completing their illegal journey. They are provided with money and mobile phones (to call for help) by the Coudenhove-Kalergi backers so are hardly in any distress.
        It’s mass murder/genocide of the indigenous UK population by stealth.

      • archer says:

        I don’t disagree Aldous.

        The public are fools to have thought that the Tories and Priti ‘I’m legal’ Patel would be tough on the illegals.

      • ian says:

        Indeed Archer and Aldous, I think that we agree on 99% of points made, and are all in the same boat, no pun intended.

  2. Aldous says:

    The fact that the UK has a NYC born, Etonian/Bullingdon Club brat as puppet PM of Turkish roots and similarly puppet Chancellor and Home Secretary of Indian descent, PLUS an Iraqi born Nadhim Zahawi – Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business and Industry since 2019 and Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment since 2020 – tells you all you need to know about the state of UK democracy. A subverting tyranny more-like and absolutely nothing to do with so-called democracy
    Rudyard Kipling was ahead of his time in knowing the score:

    A long and somewhat (at times) controversial article but well worth a bedtime read.
    If anyone has not seen the UK TV movie ‘My Boy Jack’, it’s well worth a watch.
    Riveting stuff from beginning to end and the lovely Kim Cattrall as Rudyard’s wife Caroline Kipling is, as ever, easy on the eye.