Pro Forma Legal Letter For Parents of 12-15 Year-Olds Who Don’t Want Them to Get Jabbed

ER Editor: We remind readers of an article we published yesterday from Dr. Mike Yeadon advising parents to keep their 12-15 year old children at home if they don’t want them to be injected with an experimental genetic product, such being the risk to children currently.

Law in England and Wales in this area relies on the concept of Gillick Competence, where a minor child is believed to be able to consent to his or her own medical treatment.

See Former Pfizer VP: ‘The Gloves Are Off,’ UK Govt to Inject all 12-15 Year Olds Without Parental Consent.

Lawyers for Liberty’s ANONYMOUS letter, which can be sent to a specific school principal/headteacher on request, puts that principal on notice that any harm from the vaccine is viewed as a breach of the DUTY OF CARE, which makes the principal personally liable.

This service is free for parents.

The short information piece below contains all links parents will need.

The legal document Lawyers for Liberty provides for parents discusses how ‘NHS Guidance’ actually runs contrary to various legal principles in this area, such as that of Parental Responsibility or the Welfare Principle.

‘As a School or individual, you hold no legal standing to make a decision for a pupil if a parent or person with the benefit of Parental Responsibility objects to their child or children being Vaccinated.’


Pro Forma Legal Letter For Parents of 12-15 Year-Olds Who Don’t Want Them to Get Jabbed


Are you a parent? Is your 12-15 year old going back to school today? Are you worried about your child being given a Covid vaccine without your permission? Have you communicated with the school, but feel like you are being ignored?

Maybe you are concerned that ‘Gillick Competence‘ will be used to get your 12-15 year-old to make this complex decision alone?

Or that your child will be coerced or peer-pressured into making a decision without access to the full facts?

Lawyers for Liberty in association with the Jonathan Lea Network and Powerless 2 Powerful Parenting have created an anonymous “request a letter” to go from Lawyers for Liberty to your child’s school to let them know of the legal consequences of relying upon a child’s consent for a Covid vaccine, especially if a parent has specifically not consented.

We, as Lawyers For Liberty UK, will send an anonymous letter or email to schools on behalf of parents who are concerned about schools relying on their child to make a decision about whether or not to get jabbed.

If you’d like Lawyers For Liberty to send a letter or email on your behalf, fill in this form. You can read a note on the legal issues involved here and the pro forma letter here.




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Pro Forma Legal Letter For Parents of 12-15 Year-Olds Who Don’t Want Them to Get Jabbed