Mask wearers have higher IQ than the rest of society

Watch.  Masktard displays his greater knowledge and mental stability.

The real irony in all this is how vaccinated people think they are being granted access to the world via vaccine passports, but they will mostly spend the rest of their lives in hospitals, couches, beds or coffins because their bodies and brains will not function the way they used to. By taking vaccines, many of these people who imagine they are superior to others will actually end up:

  • Unable to achieve successful pregnancy or carry a child full term.
  • Unable to participate in outdoor activities requiring any real level of exertion.
  • Unable to work jobs other than menial labor, due to loss of cognitive function.
  • Unable to meaningfully socialize with family and friends due to losses in cognition and short-term memory.

(The good news is that I believe people who turn to nutrition can overcome a lot of the spike protein damage from early vaccines, but they must stop poisoning themselves with boosters shots, or nothing can save them.)


2 Responses to “Mask wearers have higher IQ than the rest of society”

  1. Mick says:

    Education is not synonymous with common sense. Throughout history most people couldn’t read and they were not formally educated but a lot of them still had common sense. They had to have had or in those days they’d be unlikely to live to adulthood let alone old age.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Case in point. When at Oxford Merton College in the 1970s there were supposed geniuses around who couldn’t function without the college support structure holding them up. In the Philippines where education above twelve is paid, and so few go and get educated above that level, common sense is manifest everywhere. As you say Mick, survival requires it be so. Madness is an expensive commodity and as people get richer they become less able to see beyond the end of their wallets. I am not advocating poverty, only the maintenance of common sense, whatever your circumstances happen to be. Car mania, or house mania overtake most people along the way. Status seeking in one form or another while spiritual awareness and common sense are lost. Governments can easily manipulate people who have no common sense or spiritual awareness to the point of killing them. vaccines – hello. A key aim of the matrix is to cut people off from their spiritual awareness. Rich people are easier to kill for that reason. Poor people are little threat anyway. They also have little time available to listen to the nonsense from the fear industry in the media.