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Italy – Prosecutor Investigates Three Doctors, Including the One Who Gave the Second Injection

ER Editor: As far as we can determine, the doctors are being investigated, not charged as the original title of the article indicates.


Italy – Prosecutor Charges Three Doctors, Including the One Who Gave the Second Injection


Italy 🇮🇹 A 14-year-old teenager has died following her second injection of the Covid-19 pseudo vaccine. Prosecutors indict three doctors, including the one who gave the second injection.

The personal liability of the doctors will start to make some of them flutter.

Notice to the doctors in our country (ER: France) who are unconditional promoters of this experimentation with serious side effects! Your turn will come. The health dictatorship will not protect you forever. You will have to be accountable.

TRANSLATION: The case of Bari, the public prosecutor’s office of Lecce opens an investigation for manslaughter

Second vaccine, died at the age of 14 years

Three doctors are under investigation, including the one who administered the second dose

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Two days after the vaccine, the 14-year-old falls into a coma and then dies in hospital. Investigation opened.

Di Redazione 14 Settembre 2021 13:10 Cronaca

An investigation has been opened to shed light on the death of a 14-year-old girl living in Ruffano, but of Moroccan origin. The teenager, who fell into a coma two days after receiving the second dose of Pfizer’s anti-Covid vaccine, died at the Giovanni XXIII children’s hospital in Bari, where she had been taken by Cardinal Panico of Tricase when her clinical condition worsened.

The local health authority has ordered an autopsy to verify the cause of death. The examination will be carried out in the coming hours and only when the forensic findings are presented to the prosecutor, Donatina Buffelli, that the MP will decide whether to order further investigations, as requested by the complaint filed by the father of the girl, through his lawyer Pasquale Scorrano.

The facts

The girl received the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on August 17. The next day, the 18th, she complained of discomfort and pain, which were intense. As a result, she was visited by a doctor who noticed swelling in her eye. On August 19, in the morning, she went to the Tricase hospital for an eye examination and a CT scan, which did not reveal any particular problem. A second scan in the afternoon revealed the presence of a tumor.

However, the girl’s health deteriorated and she fell into an irreversible coma. The next day, the 20th, she was transferred to the intensive care unit of the Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bari, where she died yesterday morning.

According to the medical staff of the hospital in Bari, the death was due to a form of meningitis. However, family members have doubts about this, because the girl had been vaccinated.

The father of the 14 year old girl asks that light be shed and that a possible correlation be established between the deterioration of the girl’s health (until her death) and the administration of the anti-covidian vaccine.

Source : Lecce News24


14-year-old child dies of meningitis. Investigation launched into possible link to Covid vaccine

14 Settembre 2021 – 18:38 Redazione CronacaEvidenza

RUFFANO – She had fallen into a coma two days after the administration of the second dose of the Covid vaccine, which took place on August 17 last year. A 14-year-old girl from Ruffano, who was admitted to the intensive care unit of the children’s hospital of Bari, died in the last hours. The parents, assisted by the lawyer Pasquale Scorrano, have filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office of Lecce, asking the prosecutor to perform an autopsy to establish a possible correlation between the death and the vaccination. The case is currently open against unknown persons and the public prosecutor, Donatina Buffelli, has not ordered an autopsy because she sees no evidence of criminal responsibility on the part of the doctors, but has reserved the right to acquire all the documentation necessary to reconstruct the story. In any case, the hospital has already informed the family that it has ordered an internal investigation to determine the cause of death. An autopsy will be performed in the next few days, which will also involve a consultant.

In the statement filed with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the sequence of events was described: the 14-year-old girl received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine on July 22 and the second on August 17 in Casarano. On the night of August 17-18, the 14-year-old girl started to feel ill and had a lump in her right eye. The parents went to the doctor’s office, who advised her to go to the hospital on August 19 in Tricase. There, reconstructed the lawyer, she underwent a CT scan and a form of carcinoma was found on her head, a tumor for which further tests were requested, but the girl immediately fell into an irreversible coma and on August 20 she was transferred to the children’s hospital in Bari where doctors diagnosed a form of meningitis. The death occurred on Monday at 13 hours.

The family, through its lawyer, has requested the medical records and wants to get to the bottom of the matter: they are now waiting for the results of infectious tests and additional diagnoses to understand whether, beyond the close temporal link, there is a causal connection with the administration of the vaccine or whether its side effects only contributed to highlighting a pre-existing disease.

In the meantime, the community of Ruffano rallied around the family, which is of Moroccan origin but has lived in Salento for many years: the 14-year-old girl, the first of three siblings, was born and raised in this city and was ready to enter her first year of high school.

Source : TrNews.it

In France too we have our share of identical dramas that OUR “Mainstream” media keep from publishing…

Laure Gonlézamarres@LaureGonlezamar

I add this screen from FB dated September 24 at 4pm (so posted at 1pm): there would have been an autopsy. Info to be confirmed.

Translation: Sad news to report: a 16 year old student at the Valabre secondary school died this week 7 days after being vaccinated. The parents had to struggle in order to obtain an autopsy, which finally showed that the vaccine caused the death. Thrombosis.

Translation 1: Good day Monsieur Blanquer (ER: the minister of education). A drama has played out in the last few days at the secondary school of Valabre at Luynes / Gardanne, leading to the death of a young girl following two heart attacks. This young girl in perfect health had just got vaccinated. What do you intend to do?’

Translation 2: A 16 year old friend of my daughter in good health vaccinated with Pfizer fainted then had 2 heart attacks at the school in Valabre. She died this morning following a thrombosis. A drama that is going to be hidden. I want to inform people. 


Translation: WITNESS Narbonne: “My 18 year old son almost died of myocarditis after his first Covid vaccine”

TEMOIGNAGE. Narbonne : «Mon fils de 18 ans a failli mourir d’une myocardite après sa première dose de vaccin anti covid»



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Italy – Prosecutor Investigates Three Doctors, Including the One Who Gave the Second Injection