3 Responses to “Inventor of MRNA vaccine says Fauci making this whole pandemic thing up as he goes! “He’s a liar”!”

  1. ian says:

    99.9% Brilliant. Stunningly good. The disease they call Covid does exist. Illegally created or whatever. This is an awesome video.

  2. Aldous says:

    My God/Nature-given Immune System absolutely loves Covidhoax.
    Covidhoax gives it something (else) to do – like it does every day anyway – and earn its keep for living in my body while keeping me alive.
    A mutual understanding as it were.

    • ian says:

      Our God given immune systems are indeed miracles as is much of nature. I said to my granddaughter one day, if I give you a handful of soil, can you make me something crimson, or orange. She looked puzzled, I said these seeds can and handed her a couple of tiny seeds. I pointed out, that the bumbling painted lady butterflies on her dad’s buddliea bush, has fluttered it’s way from Africa to Scotland, no small feat. I asked her how the house martins can build a nest stuck onto a wall without being shown how. There’s a lot to feel in awe of Aldous. We live in an amazing world, and it’s being taken from us a day at a time.