If this doesn’t make you angry, nothing will!!


From someone in the UK
“My niece had her second child last month and throughout her pregnancy she resisted being vaccinated. A month before the baby was born she was told that she would need a cesarean section and the hospital and doctors insisted that they would not allow her into the hospital unless she had the jab.

With such pressure, and the worry of her baby’s health, she felt forced to comply and take the CV v@x. Now the baby is in hospital, has uncontrollable intermittent ‘jitters’ that are worsening and needs a brain scan as they cannot fathom what is causing this

Every test that has been done has come back negative so they are being transferred to the Great Ormond Street hospital to do further investigations.”


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7 Responses to “If this doesn’t make you angry, nothing will!!”

  1. ian says:

    Disturbing AF. I will say no more, I’m blazing mad.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The evil of the perpetrators is beyond imagination.

  3. Aldous says:

    Shocking but not surprising any more in these Orwellian times.
    I’ll bet the mum didn’t need a C-section either.
    “…they cannot fathom what is causing this…” [intermittent jitters]
    Yes they can but as with Cot Death/Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) etc, etc, they refuse to make the clear and blindingly obvious connection between a perfectly healthy baby being jabbed like a pin cushion in the days prior to its sudden(sic) death.

    • ian says:

      I don’t think Aldous, that as they set off on their lengthy training, read, “indoctrination”, into the medical profession, any of them realise that they will end up as, compromised, hypocrites. Hippocratic oath??. It soon fades on the realisation that their continued lucrative career depends on their ethical ideals being brushed under the carpet. It leaves them as hollow sad individuals who deserve no one’s respect.

      • Aldous says:

        Hi Ian. I’m sure doctors have one of the highest suicide rates of any so-called ‘profession’.
        I know of one personally who took a fatal overdose – not difficult for an MD to do – when he had a forbidden fling with a patient and the medical authorities heard of it. He topped himself before he was inevitably struck off.
        That was decades ago and things have probably changed quite a bit but I really wouldn’t know as I steer well clear of present day ‘medicine’ – and definitely Big Pharma pushing their Frankenstein concoctions.

        I’m an ageing Veteran and the suicide rate in the US is frighteningly high at, on average, an astonishing 21 a day the last time I checked.
        This from 2013:
        Military Suicides: One U.S. Veteran Dies Every 65 Minutes

        The reason I’m mentioning this is that these pseudo doctors are going to have to live with what they have criminally done to all and sundry – silence is compliance – and many of them will be unable to live with it and would rather end it all.

        USAF pilots who drop laser-guided bombs on so-called ‘legitimate targets’ only to then learn that whole families were atomised as a result, will not usually live a long and carefree post-military life.
        That’s the nature of the beast, the way it’s always been and will likely always be.
        Present day doctors and military committing atrocities should bear this in mind.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Military suicides are linked to endless numbers of vaccinations. The traumatised from WW2 as a rule didn’t suicide. The suicides came in at the same time as the jabs. I’m sure the notion was posted on Tap News a while ago so should be in the archive. Trauma can be healed with hemp and other natural drugs which enable the mind to seal off the location in the brain where the memory resides. Also hypnotherapy enables the victims to express their trauma and in doing so, it gradually lessens. If the mind is permanently crippled with drugs targeting the bridge between the two brains, that makes it impossible to feel contentment, a condition suffered by many modern day children.

    • Aldous says:

      G’day Tap. I was never jabbed once in the military, even though I saw active service.
      It was a very different world and many years/decades ago.
      My father was Regular Army well before WW2 and his life (and mind) was blighted by his experiences during that particular engineered global conflict.
      He wasn’t drafted but signed up for it.
      His choice so to speak but I am wary of economic conscription where the youth have little if any choice. .
      I think suicides in the military have as much to do with what they have seen, perpetrated and experienced than ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ and vaccines etc, which may be a way of detracting from why the military are genuinely killing themselves.
      Just my opinion.