Grim Reaper revealed as mystery Fauci/Gates backer.

Grim Reaper revealed as mystery Fauci/Gates backer

The Grim Reaper today confirmed persistent rumours that he’s been discreetly working on the Fauci/Gates depopulation programme. Speaking exclusively to the Irish Savant blog the Reaper claimed that his support “made perfect sense” despite his initial misgivings. “My job is all about bringing death to the world and when Fauci and Gates explained their plan to reduce the world’s population by 90% I was obviously interested. After all, I’ve been at this death business for a long long time and in recent years – I’m being honest here – it’s been a struggle making the numbers. Scything people down is very hard work at my age.”

“Initially I was sceptical” he mused, absent-mindedly sharpening his scythe. “I had no doubts about their intentions – they’re clearly depraved psychopaths – just couldn’t see how they’d pull it off. But they assured me that all the main players had either been bribed or blackmailed into going along.”

“But the public?” I asked – “how were they convinced to in effect wipe themselves out?”

“Well as the man said, nobody ever went bust underestimating the public’s intelligence” the Reaper replied with a wintry laugh.

And with that he turned, scythe on shoulder, to continue on with his work in the company of his two new pals.