Graphene will change the world

A material of superlatives – graphene – one atom thick or thin.  Science of graphene explained.  Impermeable to other substances.  Best electrical conductor.  Transparent.  Strong.  Flexible.  What can we make out of it?  Nanotechnology.  You could build superlight airplanes out of it.  Batteries with super capacity.  Healing the body by transplanting graphene into the body.  It is biocompatible, and can be added to the human or other body.  Graphene solar panels.  Desalination by filtration.  Faster computers.  Graphene can change the world.

Graphene can be made by ripping apart graphite using ultra sound.

TAP – It is also part of the COVID vaccine, graphene oxide one of the chemicals deposited by the PCR test at the front of your brain.  Not to be confused with graphite.


4 Responses to “Graphene will change the world”

  1. Mick says:

    I read they used graphene to filter either whisky or brandy as a test and it filtered away the colour of the liquor which it had picked up from the wood of the barrel as it matured over the years. They didn’t say how long the filtering took nor the volume of liquor filtered, but I’d say as graphene is so fine it takes a very long time. The long time needed is in effect an industrial process so it has to add costs, so while it doubtless has many uses I think it’ll be very expensive to buy the end products.

  2. ian says:

    Aye, sounds like amazing stuff, but I don’t want it inside my body.

  3. Gordon says:

    The new normal of life in Lithuania from a citizen whom refuses the Covid vaccine.

    Life under the EU’s first strictly-enforced Covid Pass regime covering all society: Lithuania.

    Without a Pass, you’re banned: shopping, work, eating out…

    This is the future facing countries that impose a Covid Pass: EU, US, UK, Australia, Canada…

    Is this the world you want?

    Lithuania – the Devil’s own experimental gulag