2 Responses to “Girl with blood blisters after vaxx. See also post below “He had small spots on his hands and feet””

  1. Tapestry says:

    Great work Ian! Poor girl telling it like it is. I hope she makes it.

    Picture translates as ‘Please cover mouth and nose’. That’s the hook – probably more effective for heterosexual males than other readers but what the …

    I take it the girl was vaccinated or this from mask wearing? I suppose the picture tells the story. Mask wearing damage.

    Try colloidal silver inside the mouth, or nanoparticle silver from RNA Results. That kills all bacteria outright within hours.

    https://www.resultsrna.com/ also available in the UK

    • ian says:

      No Tap, my bad, the picture was slightly wrong for the video. Like the man in the other video, she was vaxxed. I really hope she recovers. The PTB have a lot to answer for.