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Getting More Jab-Wise: A Molecular Biologist Speaks Out

Getting More Jab-Wise: A Molecular Biologist Speaks Out


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Let me start this all off by saying there is very little, if anything I don’t agree with in the video you are about to watch. You are about to hear a Molecular Biologist at a City Council Meeting stating the truth as it pertains to the Plandemic (her words). This is not a 30 second diatribe about the evils of the vaccine … NOPE … This is a breakdown of the genetic experiment being forced on humanity, against the will of a quickly growing population of the awake and aware … because they can see for themselves what is transpiring.

A past vaccine to have a serious impact problem was when thirty-two deaths occurred from the swine flu vaccine in 1976 and this halted the program … yet that number is so far in the rear-view mirror on COVID as to be a faint memory.

The actual numbers (extrapolating on VAERS stated numbers and public admissions for only about 1-10% representation) in the US alone could easily be in the hundreds of thousands to over a million … NOT 32 DEATHS. Yet you are being forced or coerced at an ever increasing and frantic pace, into taking the jab or else watch your life destroyed intentionally … Why ??? What amendment gives government the right to force us to play Russian Roulette ??? Can you say Nuremberg !!!

We are looking at something that was intended to do what is becoming more blatantly obvious daily, from the very beginning, and planned for in detail. We are also looking at the genetic restructuring of all who are jabbed … and their children … and their children … Who the hell gave them permission to ALTER or GENOCIDE HUMANITY ???

Listen up as this woman bares her heart and soul on a subject she is well qualified to discuss. Listen as the emotion of her realizations impacts her voice and demeanor. This is not a pleasant video, but it is just over 10 minutes of stark reality you need to know.


BOOM! And DOUBLE BOOM! Molecular Biologist Speaks At Dawson Creek City Council Meeting. WoW!


I have personally spent a huge amount of time researching all the above stated issues, as well as the connected political and financial arms of this octopus of destruction. What I am seeing is a massive plan of focused arrogance and self centered importance by a caste of elitist who truly believe it is their right to not only rule over humanity … but to push the reset button whenever things start to stray off their approved path … regardless of the impact on us lowly useless eaters. Witness the Great Reset (because we are getting too awake and bold).



… its time to start paying attention …