‘From October 20, the Covid pass and vaccination will be abolished on the entire territory of the EU’ – French Doctor

DISTRIBUTE TO EVERYONE who does not want to be “vaccinated”.
All vaccines will no longer be justified from 20.10.2021: verified information.
The European Union has approved (https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/fr/ip_21_3299) 5 therapies that will be available in all hospitals in the Member States for the treatment of Covid.
These therapies have been approved by a decree of the European Council (European Parliament) and will be in force from 1/10, so they will be distributed little by little around 20/10.
Vaccines were approved on a “temporary experimental basis”.
But since the decree will oblige to prescribe these 5 new drugs, the use of the vaccine will cease. So we understand why all the states said “between September it is necessary that …”.
They already knew everything. You have to have patience. Do not accept any blackmail. Be patient.
Now that ivermectin has been re-approved, there is no need for a vaccine. Great news.
The Pasteur Institute recognizes the effectiveness of Ivermectin.
One intake could eradicate all SARS covid-19 genetic material in some people.
Read and share well.
The good news: Ivermectin is now scientifically recognized as an effective drug, in the prophylaxis and treatment of Covid-19 by researchers at the Pasteur Institute in France.
The results of their studies were published in the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine on July 12, 2021, so it’s recent.
Analysis of the results of other research published in the American Journal of Therapeutics strongly urges, with supporting evidence, to bridge the guidelines of health agencies and include Ivermectin as a standard of care.
Macron’s government knew about it … Be well and don’t hesitate to cheer up people who don’t want to get vaccinated
About the vaccine. I don’t know if you read French, but from October 20, the Covid pass and vaccination will be abolished on the entire territory of the EU.
A European Commission decree makes five effective drugs available, and the vaccines are said to have been “experimental and provisional.”
TAP – is that a correct translation?  Any linguists around?  This is Docteur Dominique Rueff.

22 Responses to “‘From October 20, the Covid pass and vaccination will be abolished on the entire territory of the EU’ – French Doctor”

  1. David 2 says:

    This will lead well over one billion vaccinated people, to question the official narrative.

    They will also question the press, social media and big Pharma.

    If the election results in America are proven to have been a lie, then more than one billion people will question the political apparatus.

    My guess is a financial collapse will be instigated to deflect attention. This will lead to questioning the honesty of the central banks and their fiat currency.

    Their socialist or globalist policy of robbing from the poor to enrich to the uber rich, will finally end.

    There be very interesting times ahead.

  2. David 2 says:

    Hi Ian,

    The paradigm is rapidly changing and a war with China is hopefully not going to be an option.

    Biden and China, the vaccines and the virus are all joined at the socialist hip. The big man gets his 10%! Even the top general in the USA is pro Chinese and not willing to fight them in a war!

    I see more a comedy of errors. Where we finally get to laugh at the arrogance and stupidity of the so called elite.

    All EU leaders must be aware that with alternative treatments becoming available, the vaccine mandates and vaccine passports end. They must be petrified at the potential public backlash. No wonder the media are not reporting on the EU directive.

    They also know that the US elections and probably their own elections were fraud and the public will soon know.

    Hopefully Tap will alert other alternative media outlets. Once the public know that they are going to win, confidence will grow.

    Well done Tap!

    • ian says:

      So David2, the EU which is a stepping stone to the NWO has wrecked the 100 years+ in the making plans of the NWO??? Please forgive my inability to go into raptures. I will only believe it when I see it, and will disbelieve it right up till then. The legal system of the EU has beaten the NWO. Cmon. Laugh at the elite??. We’ll see, and my breath will not be held I assure you.

      • David 2 says:


        My optimistic thesis is based on cause and effect.

        My view of the NWO is that they are bullies, liars and cheats. They had an ambitious plan and unless they manage to inject every man woman and infant on the planet, they will have bungled it.

        Not every member of the EU decision making process can be part of a cult or support the NWO agenda. They are probably aware that potentially they face Nuremburg style trials, for medical experimentation that did not ensure full and informed consent.

        Providing new treatments are approved, then there is no need for forced vaccines or passports.

        As not many people were informed of the vaccine hazards, all who were part of the agenda will be exposed. Many business owners will have had loss of income due to unnecessary lockdowns and so on.

        So if Tap is correct and the vaccine mandates end in October. The narrative of fear changes and you will no longer need to hold your breath.

        I am optimistic that the bullies, liars and cheats will be held to account once the vaccines are declared non compulsory.

        Questions will then be asked by the general public and the answers are well documented on alternative media. Look at the Indian doctor in The WHO that tried to discredit and prevent Ivermectin as a treatment. She is being sued in a criminal court. What is her defense going to be?

      • ian says:

        David2, firstly, on reading my comment, it seemed cheeky or cheekier than intended, and for that, I apologise. I do however have serious doubts that this move can succeed in stopping the whole movement. We shall see. I am pessimistic, and that is based on how these b4stards roll. They could easily heart attack the good Dr and poison patients with Ivermectin, ban it then revert back to plan “A”. Time will tell, and believe me, I really hope that it comes to pass.

  3. nixon scraypes says:

    And then…..the sucker punch.

  4. NPP says:

    My brother in Rome just had the choice, jab or job. I advised against the jab. He ignored my advise.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi NPP. I’ve advised the same and it’s fell on deaf ears where not even a ‘jab or job’ situation was involved.
      All were retired that I can think of.

  5. Loccie says:

    China and Russia want to build a network of road and rail across Afghanistan and have been negotiating for some time to do so. Biden’s corruption was a golden opportunity to get what they wanted hence the Americas rapid exit from Afghanistan.

    The only problem being Afghanistan was the goose that laid the UK’s ‘golden brown’ egg. They will not stand for the supply being cut off so expect fireworks.

  6. alexio says:

    Here’s the English version of the EU.EUROPA article:


  7. Tapestry says:

    Ian why do you describe Ivermectin as a poison?

    • ian says:

      Sorry it looked that way Tap’, in my mind I was thinking of them overdosing patients as they did with the Hydroxychloroquine tests, to make it seem dangerous. Sometimes on rereading my comments, they seem at odds with what I was trying to get across. I should read them before posting I know, and try to.

  8. Graham says:

    This is great news if it happens. However I have my doubts about the Vax being stopped. EU have produced new medicines I have checked that but they have also contract orders for jabs from Pfizer up to 2023. They’re green passport last for 12 months only and ends in July 2022 unless they extend it. But they are pursuing for a more digitalised health system.
    The EU are insistent on freedom of movement for everyone and non descriminating against non vaxed. It will be interesting to see what they do when the new convid treatments come out

  9. Mike says:

    Received from scturner:

    Terribly sorry, but it would be good if someone would do a bit of verification on the posts here…

    Like a bloody fool, I glanced – trustingly! – at the article ‘From October 20, the Covid pass and vaccination will be abolished on the entire territory of the EU’ – French Doctor’ and sent off a very large handful of messages and mail that all vax etc would be over on the 20th Oct.

    I received a message this morning at 04.00 saying that it was fake news. Went to sleep and only this afternoon did I read the lot…

    Having moved to Paris from London in ’80, I’ve remained here ever since; my French, although not superlative, is a bit better than rudimentary… To wit:
    In no case does it say in the press corner release that Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin are approved. It only mentions 5 horrible chemicals, of which one is a fantastic immune suppressor (just what’s needed when one catches something, eh?) that are now slated to be used along with vaxxes because, the powers that be have finally come to the conclusion that the bloody vaxxes don’t protect against anything!

    The tenth of October? Is that not some sort of Taiwanese/Republic of China/Quomintang celebration?
    Here we have Denmark – again, on the 10th – supposedly doing away with all covidian mandates, Germany not allowing any more vaxxing due to toxicity problems, Holland following suit, with Croatia not far behind…

    And as for the good Doctor Rueff? His website was down when I tried it. Facebook only stated that Rueff offers alternative/complementary medicine, homeopathy, etc. No mention whatsoever about Ivermectin or the 20th of October… Doesn’t seem to be much available on him either… Is he working for Attali, Macron or Zemmour?

    A question, perhaps? Why was this post – so deliberately misleading allowed to kindle false hope? Since neither the EU notice nor Dr Rueff’s facebook page mention
    20 October or Ivermectin, why did the poster add this to the article…? Ivermectin and 20 October (octobre) are easily read by non-francophones and understood immediately for what they are… Could it be that an anti-Brexitista wanted to get even and tell the freethinkers who consult this site, that tant pis, the UK should have stayed, cos, look, they’re doing away with covid mandates…

    Except not a peep from the alt newsies after this bumf has gone viral and… No follow-up, no bloody anything!
    And, of course, we await the great Fuellmich to do something besides give us the occasional report saying the tipping point is arriving…

    France is indeed a ballsed-up situation. The Lawyers here are challenging everything except the toxicity problem; none of them seem in the least bit interested in alerting the public about the dangers of the vaxxes currently being used.

    It is also interesting to note that the figures from 27 December ’20 to 30 June ’21 concerning deaths within 21 days of jabbification in England (note that the English population is less than 54M) show over 30K succumbing to the vaxxes. Yet From 28 December until 11 September (EU Medicine Agency/EudraVigilence) there have only been slightly more than 24K deaths attributed to the Vaxxes. No one seems to make the correlation between the size of the two populations. 30K for 54M vs 24K vs 500M? I would think that the English figures were probably bang-on; and the EU ones? The EMA is a quango, run by the pharmaceutical houses much like the CDC in the States… Would they be tampering with real numbers? No! Of course not! Perish the thought!

    Might I propose a weekly 2K word report of the French Situation? Unfortunately, due to being non-vaxxed, my daily crust is hardly what it was, so I cannot contemplate a website or even a domain name at the present… Let me know and if you are interested, I’ll send off a quick review of the week in Paris… My contribution, no fee asked or accepted…

    S.C. Turner, F.D.S.

    • Tapestry says:

      Q. Why was this post – so deliberately misleading allowed to kindle false hope?
      A. I posted it with a request for someone who spoke French to translate the original and give their opinion if it was real. My take was that it was probably fake but as it was doing the rounds across the world, I wanted to know if there was any substance in it. Hopium is a big seller these days so websites might use some to get traffic. I apologise for your emotional roller coaster but it was clear in the post (unless someone has deleted that part) that I was asking for a French reader to tell us what it was all about. This you have now done. Thanks. Anything on France would be good as you are clearly a writer. In general we are desperate to get people to awaken and maybe incorrectly I thought this post might help our objectives.

    • ian says:

      These kind of things must happen often. It is difficult to be sure what is true and what is fake. It is always possible to post articles that turn out later to be less than they seem. Better though to post them and see, as even if half were false, we’d still be well ahead of the BBC.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Spot on Ian, the Tap footer says:

        “Articles posted here are for your consideration at your discretion. No purported facts have been verified. Articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the poster nor the site owner”

        Nothing in media can be taken at face value anymore. All such info needs analysis and verification. Most definitely the MSM propaganda and also the alternative media too. All critical thinkers must surely adopt this approach, there is no other way

        Tap news gives you plenty to think about that’s for sure. It is on the money more often than not

      • pete fairhurst says:

        The Tap community is pretty damn good at spotting bullshit too

  10. David 2 says:


    The vaccine is the AGENDA. The post you supplied absolutely does help our objectives. Unfortunately it was not picked up and circulated by the alternate media. Such publicity would raise awareness and create optimism.

    I did see a report in France a few weeks ago that Macron stated they may soon drop the pass sanitaire. So perhaps there are things happening behind the scenes.

    When the health agencies state that there are medical treatments for the virus, the vaccine mandates end. When the public realise that there have been treatments all along, they will ask questions.

  11. Mike says:

    And now a translation from the French via Google Translate and Fairclough:

    Using Google Translate, it doesn’t translate the whole webpage but does give the message at the top of the screen:And the website address is as follows. It seems the website is a test site before publication to the official EU website.Press release29 June 2021BrusselsCOVID-19 treatment strategy: Commission identifies five promising treatment candidatesThe EU’s COVID-19 treatment strategy is yielding first results today, with the announcement of the first portfolio of five treatments that may soon be available to treat patients across the EU . Four of these treatments are monoclonal antibodies under continuous evaluation by the European MedicinesAgency. The fifth is an immunosuppressant with marketing authorization that could be extended to the treatment of patients with COVID-19.Health and Food Safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said: “Today we are taking the first step towards establishing a broad portfolio of COVID-19 treatments. Although vaccination is progressing at an increasing rate, the virus is not going to go away and patients will need safe and effective treatments to reduce the pressure of COVID-19. Our goal is clear: to identify other pioneering candidates under development and to authorize at least three new treatments by the end of the year. This is the European Health Union. ”The five products are at an advanced stage of development and have a good chance of being among the three new treatments for COVID-19 that will be authorized by October 2021 – the target set as part of the strategy – however that the final data demonstrate their safety, quality and efficacy. Theseare the following products:a new indication for COVID-19 for existing drugs:Eli Lilly’s immunosuppressant baricitinib (a drug that reduces the activity of the immune system): an application for the extension of the marketing authorization to include the indication for COVID-19 is pending ‘exam;newly developed monoclonal antibodies undergoing continuous evaluation – a regulatory tool to speed up the evaluation of a promising drug in a public health emergency:the combination of bamlanivimab and etesevimab by Eli Lilly: continuous evaluation;the combination of casirivimab and imdevimab from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and F. Hoffman-La Roche, Ltd: ongoing evaluation;Celltrion’s regdanvimab: ongoing evaluation;sotrovimab from GlaxoSmithKline and Vir Biotechnology, Inc .: ongoing evaluation.
    Next stepsThe Commission will develop a portfolio of at least 10 potential COVID-19 treatments by October, building on the work of the recently established COVID-19 Variants Expert Group. The selection process will be objective and science-based, with the selection criteria agreed with the Member States. As different types of products are needed for different patient populations and different stages and degrees of disease severity, the expert group will establish product categories and select the most promising treatment candidates for each category, based on the basis of scientific criteria.The portfolio will contribute to the goal of having at least three new treatments authorized by October and possibly two more by the end of the year. The European Medicines Agency will launchfurther ongoing evaluations of promising treatments by the end of 2021, based on research and development results.The Commission recently concluded a joint procurement agreement for the acquisition of monoclonal antibodies (casirivimab and imdevimab) and could launch further proceedings by the end of the year.The first industry matchmaking event for treatments will be held on July 12-13 to ensure that once approved, treatments are produced in sufficient quantity, as quickly as possible.contextThe EU’s COVID-19 treatment strategy aims to build a broad portfolio of COVID-19 treatments with the aim of having three new treatments by October 2021 and possibly two more by the end of the year. It encompasses the entire life cycle of drugs, from research, development, screening of promising candidates, their rapid regulatory approval, manufacture and deployment to end use.The strategy is part of the strengthening of a European Health Union, which is based on a coordinated EU approach to better protect the health of our citizens, the aim being to empower the EU and to its Member States the means to better prevent future pandemics, to cope with them and to improve the resilience of European health systems.This strategy, which emphasizes the treatment of patients with COVID-19, is a continuation of the EU’s proven vaccine strategy, whereby the use of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines has been authorized in the EU to prevent and reduce the transmission of cases, as well as hospitalization and death rates from the disease.To know moreQuestions and answers: COVID-19 treatment strategy – list of 5 treatment candidatesReaction of the European Commission to the coronavirus: treatmentsEU treatment strategyEuropean Medicines Agency – COVID-19 treatments