Fake jabs for fake politicians

Video: Has Justin Trudeau Been Duly Vaccinated? Registered Nurse Expresses Doubt on Authenticity of Trudeau’s Vaccine Jab

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In the wake of Canada’s September 2021 elections, the important question is:

has Prime Minister Justin Trudeau been Vaccinated? 

In April 2021, Prime Minister Trudeau was allegedly vaccinated with the AstraZeneca mRNA vaccine. A second dose was administered in July. 

Below is the video of Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie receiving their first Covid vaccine jab.

Two months later in July, Justin Trudeau takes his second jab, this time it’s the Moderna Inc. vaccine.

It’s the same nurse. The procedure is similar.


A Registered Nurse (RN) has carefully reviewed the first video of Prime Minister Trudeau and his wife’s vaccination jab which was broadcast on network TV.

Reporters were present. It was a carefully planned public relations event.

The Registered Nurse (RN) expressed doubts on the authenticity of Trudeau’s vaccination.

Specific and routine procedures pertaining to inoculation including Landmarking are normally applied. The inoculation of Trudeau and his wife did not conform to regular procedures.

“Nobody does it that way” with one hand, says the registered nurse. Watch the video below or click this.

No Landmarking was implemented, the alleged nurse in the video above is doing it with one hand. “Nobody does it that way”.

Landmarking applied to inoculations is defined as “an area or point on a soft tissue used as a point of reference for measurements of the body or its parts.”

In the video, the Registered Nurse (RN) compares the procedure applied to Justin Trudeau and his wife to that routinely applied to patients receiving a vaccine injection.

In every single case of patients receiving the vaccine, landmarking is applied. “That is the proper way to give it”.

“Zero landmarking” applied to Justin Trudeau. She does not use her second hand. Visibly the alleged nurse who vaccinated Justin Trudeau did not have the required skills.

According to the RN, they made three key errors when they were “acting their scenario”.

#1. Zero Landmarking,

# 2. Zero Aspirating of Syringe, to avoid inoculating into a blood vessel which can cause serious medical issues.

#3 One Hand. Threw that Needle in Like it was a Dart.

“This was Acting”.

“Lots of Red Flags”.

“Bad Acting Justin”.

“Obviously Fake” according to the Registered Nurse.

Yet to be verified and corroborated, the registered nurse expresses doubts regarding the authenticity of the vaccine Jab received by Justin Trudeau.

Across Canada, nurses will no doubt express their concern and confirm: ” that’s not the way it is done”.

The media which covered Trudeau’s vaccination including CBC, CTV did not bat an eyelid.


The Right to Informed Consent

At the time of writing, it’s Election Day in Canada and the Vaccine Passport is being imposed on Canadians in derogation of  fundamental human rights including the Right to “Informed Consent”.

Canadians have been denied the Right to Informed Consent, in violation of  the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Nuremberg Code. 

Amply documented (although not revealed by Health Canada to Canadians), the experimental mRNA vaccine has resulted in countless deaths and injuries Worldwide.

The latest official figures (September 15, 2021) point to approximately: 40,666 mRNA vaccine reported and registered deaths in the EU, UK and US (combined) and 6.6 Million reported “adverse events”. Click here for details. (When accounting for unreported cases, the official figures quoted above are at least ten times higher).

Canada’s Vaccine Passport

This investigation by the Registered Nurse is of utmost significance. There are far-reaching political implications.

While the report by the Registered Nurse (RN) does not prove that Trudeau has not been vaccinated, the matter should nonetheless be the object of further investigation.

Thousands of unvaccinated employees including health workers and teachers are threatened. While demanding that Canadians from coast to coast be vaccinated, one might beg the question: has the  Prime Minister of Canada been duly vaccinated?

Moreover, if Trudeau has not been vaccinated, there can be no double standards. The (illegal) restrictions applied to the “non-vaccinated” at the provincial level should also apply to Justin Trudeau. According to the Ontario government:

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required to access non-essential businesses in Ontario starting Sept. 22. [and that should also apply to Justin Trudeau].Those eligible for a vaccine certificate must have both doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine… The Ontario government said there are two valid medical exemptions to getting the vaccine.” (CTV news, emphasis added)

While Canadians have been misled and misinformed, one would assume that the Prime Minister is fully aware of the devastating health risks pertaining to the experimental vaccine.

Did Justin Trudeau avail himself of the Right to Informed Consent while refusing that same Right to Canadians in violation of our Constitution?

Why on earth would Justin Trudeau not wish to get vaccinated?

Ask Bill Gates.


2 Responses to “Fake jabs for fake politicians”

  1. ian says:

    Anyone who still needs a nurse to tell them that political figures getting “vaxxinated”, are faking it, have not been paying attention.

  2. Occams says:

    And these are those fake/fun ‘disappearing needles’. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long for IM. Go right through a skinny person and pin their arm to their chest