Doctors who terminate

I am sticking this on top for a day because I believe it is crucially important:

PREDICTION: The Corona shot is being used to groom the next round of death camp killers

ALL the doctors and at this point ALL the nurses who are giving the shot know it is destroying people. A week or so ago it was revealed that the doctors were getting perks of up to six figures MONTHLY to keep going along with it all and not speak up. Prior to this, a few months ago, I came across a CVS employee who said they were being given huge bonuses of thousands a week to shut up about the shots and just keep giving them. Then about a month ago a corrupted nurse did a TikTok laughing about how she was getting paid so much to wreck people and saying “You have all been warned, so I am just going to keep giving this shot until people stop coming in for it”. Meanwhile, the good doctors and nurses quit. That is the grooming.

What if this is a filtering process that is allowing the “elite” to sort out the doctors they need in the camps, who will falsify paperwork on why people died and never utter a peep? The doctors that will do the dirty work that pays so well? They are already murdering people on vents to get the numbers they need – they are already falsifying cause of death to suppelemnt those numbers – The elite cannot go with a full on genocide unless they have people who have proven they are corrupt enough to help them pull it off, RIGHT? They already have that now with the corona scam and who went along with it.

A lot of people are saying “Where would they get the doctors they need to do this? Easy answer: YOUR DOCTOR, who pushed the vax. That bastard is not stupid about it. It is not a secret anymore and money buys corruption. Just legitimize it and pay well. An enormous pile of American doctors already screw people over on purpose to develop an income stream. What’s a poison shot that may or may not kill to such types? They have been analyzed via “Microsoft updates” and their G-phone, the “elite” know exactly who they can call on to get the job done.

I know I am right. I know I nailed it. The corrupted vax is the grooming tool and people would be fools to think America’s medical system would never go along with this, it has become a cesspool of the least ethical high intellect the world has ever seen.

Some doctors will do anything for money, including killing their patients. They are terrified of losing theri lucrative jobs and will keep quiet and kill to order.

Pictured – Joshua Jackson left as Dr. Christopher Duntsch, right, jailed for needlessly maiming his patients.


8 Responses to “Doctors who terminate”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Agreed ‘Jim’ yet I’m not so sure about the high intellect. Grinders become doctors not the quick-witted. They recruit those they think will obey orders, not save lives.

    • ian says:

      I 100% agree Tap’. Any Doctor with integrity would have resigned from the NHS or exposed the wrongdoing and been sacked. Any remaining are capable of killing people.

    • TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

      It’s also that they turn good and smart people bad through their educations/indoctrination. Through both the Big Pharma medical “education” and the general “education” that indoctrinates people into being morally relativist and nihlistic. Add to that the indoctrination about “climate change” and about how “dangerously” “overpopulated” our world is and you have an answer to why so many of them are committing these evil deeds.

      It’s also possible that many are so brainwashed that they still don’t understand that the covid protocol and the vaccines harm and kill. Some may be so blindly believing in the medical establishment that they imagine that it’s covid that’s killing their patients, despite the treatments, when it’s actually the treatments doing them in.

      • Tapestry says:

        They know they want their salaries first and foremost. They know very well the vaccines are shit as the whistleblowers make quite clear. They are hired killers making a lot of money.

  2. TheAshkeNazisDidIt says:

    This is true. I confronted one of the jab lakeys at a local vaxxination/genocide center and told her a whole host of damning facts about the injections and their effects. She was completely apathetic and nonchalant to it. I then told her that there’s no difference between her and the rest of the staff there and the people who worked in Nazi concentration camps. Her response:

    “The difference is that vaccination is voluntary.”

    • Tapestry says:

      Doctors are SHIT – Slaying Helpless Innocent and Trusting people. If they don’t quit the slaughter, they are guilty of premeditated murder.

  3. Mr Dude says:

    I’ve been treated by some truly excellent doctors in my time. However, the only three doctors I ever knew personally were all sanctimonious arrogant pricks. Humourless too.

  4. Gordon says:

    Call it what they like, euthanasia in the NHS is widespread. The links below qualify intentional or unintentional (peer pressure) that doctors and nurses are murderers.