Actual for real crisis actors with a history and for hire were hired by a con job doctor to fake being sick with Covid in the hospital, and they were hunted down as actual for real crisis actors that did it professionally. The Australian people outed them and even called the hospitals asking for them, and they were not there. This was done by mediawatch Australia, and went out as an MSM broadcast over ABC. I’d call that incredibly busted.


This is already on the server and ready to launch when it gets censored.


7 Responses to “COVID ACTORS ON MSM IN AUSTRALIA BUSTED. This one is priceless”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    🚩🚨 WARNING! 🚩🚨
    What, or who on earth ruffled the ABC’s feathers? They’d normally be breaking their backs to debunk honest and truthful information and facts such as this and that’s assuming, if like the lockdown protests: they prefer not to mention it at all.
    All we’d normally hear from the ABC about anyone challenging Covid or climate change, is either the sound of crickets, or angry condescending rhetoric about ‘looney conspiracy theorists’, ‘tin-foil hatters’ or, ‘dangerous ignorant & selfish, unvaccinated spreaders of a deadly pandemic who also spread life threatening misinformation’ etc., etc….

    Something sure doesn’t smell right here, so don’t trust it!
    There has to be something else they’re not telling us: most likely some watershed moment is waiting in the background and is about to be unleashed and whatever it is, I suspect we won’t welcome it, nor appreciate it.

    • ian says:

      I’d misunderstood the story Alan, until I read your comment, then I re-read the info. I agree that it seems really odd if ABC, exposed this. Something is definitely afoot.

      Has Media watch been set up? Who knows. The phone call to the hospital seemed possibly fake for example. If ever I need to phone a hospital, it’s a half hour job. Time will tell Alan. Well spotted.

    • ian says:

      Just a thought, it will be really confusing to anyone on the verge of waking up, seeing the media “apparently”, telling the truth and “apparently”, reporting both sides.

    • emm jay says:

      If something appears too good to be true, it usually is. Drum roll … tah dah!

      • ian says:

        Well spotted emm. Between you and Alan, not much gets past you. What smells like a rat? you guessed it. There had to be a motive, and as I mentioned above, it causes real confusion amongst the not so awake.

      • emm jay says:

        They don’t pick up on the whiff ian do they bless ’em … must be that buggery covid that took their sense of smell 🙂