“Australia has fallen, it’s time to take it back… but we need your help” – One Angry Aussie

Australia has fallen, it’s time to take it back.

By One Angry Aussie

Please watch the following video and listen to the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, addressing the world on the importance of human rights. Then take a look at how well those rights have been respected in Australia recently.

The Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews, has become increasingly authoritarian over the past year and a half. He has been using the police to repress political debate, and this has included arresting pregnant women and the elderly for expressing their political views on social media.

Unchecked, he is now using the police to repress and brutalise the people for expressing any dissenting political opinion.

Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton is derelict in upholding his oath of office to serve and protect the people of Victoria, but has been encouraging his force to violence against the people by appearing on TV warning people that his force will come down hard on any protesters.

We now see police shooting people and using chemical weapons to terrorise people into silence. We see a police force that is bereft of discipline and restraint, and their criminal behaviour is encouraged by the chief of police to protect the ego of the Premier.

Last week, the Premier of Victoria and his Chief Commissioner of Police crossed a line. They let their egos cloud any judgement of what constitutes good government.

A wise leader would recognise that the people need to express their disapproval at their government’s policies. A wise chief of police would have his force directing traffic, making space for people to march peacefully and arresting the odd protester starting any trouble.

The people would have voiced their opinions, listened to a few speakers, got bored and gone home. There would have been one demo on Saturday and that would be it. This is the Australian way.

Instead, we’ve seen a week of escalating violence instigated by the police who are now intimidating everybody approaching downtown Melbourne in fear of another protest forming.

A wise leader would be reassuring the people that the government is in control of the situation and uniting the people in common cause. Dan Andrews has been instilling irrational fear in the people, is demonstrably out of control, is sowing the seeds of division with policies that intend to institute a discriminatory two-class society, and is using the police to wage war on the working class.

Depriving the rights of one Australian is to attack the rights of ALL Australians.

This has now gone far beyond the policies of lockdowns, masks, mandatory experimental medication, and vaccine passports that are being used to create first and second class citizens. This is about a Premier who is out of control, ruling by decree and using the organs of State to brutally repress political debate and deprive the people of their rights to freely associate and express their political opinions.

The Parliament of Victoria must sack these men immediately for abusing their power, and if the Parliament fails to act, then the Governor of Victoria, The Honourable Linda Dessau must act to protect the people of Victoria from a despotic government and police force that is out of control.

It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it. Last week, Daniel Andrews and Shane Patton destroyed Australia’s reputation as a free and fair society.

The only way we can retrieve it now is to remove these evil men from office and hold them to account before the Courts. This action would demonstrate to all future governments in Australia and to the world at large, that when tyranny raises its ugly head in Australia that we have the means and the will to stop it in its tracks and to swiftly remove despots from public office.

Here’s the truth about the protest by construction workers protesting their union leaders betraying them about mandatory vaccinations.

The following video published by Rebel News reveals the truth about the protest by construction workers berating their union leaders for betraying them following Premier Dan Andrews announcement that all construction workers must have a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccination in order to be allowed to work.

After this protest, the Premier closed down all construction in the state for two weeks as an act of revenge to punish the workers.

Australia has fallen, and it’s time to take it back… but we need your help. If you stand with us then please help us by protesting outside the Australian Embassy located in your country and show them that the world will not look the other way when tyranny is imposed on the ordinary, hard working man and woman.

Thank you,

One Angry Aussie