Addicted to fear

I’ll probably never understand how or why anyone at all, let alone so many still subscribe to any of this SHIT (TAP – doctors ‘Slaying Helpless Innocent and Trusting’ people?) and continue to gleefully participate in the humanity loathing government’s game of ‘Simon Says’.

Scary yet morbid and sad at the same time, that people can be so blind to what’s right in front of them. They still think everything’s fine, reassure themselves with delusional ideas such as ‘Oh it’s just patch of bad luck, but the authorities have it all under control – they know what they’re doing, so we’ll be back to normal in no time’.
Plus more disturbing, is how many are so used to this ‘new normal’, they actually love their servitude. At least for now…

I wonder: will they wake up when all the furlough money and other hand-outs all dry up, when they finally lose everything they worked hard for most of their lives to achieve and everything in life they basically lived for? When all their dreams are finally and irreversibly shattered.
Probably not… They’ll even believe whatever the TV shills tell them about how great life is, now that you have NOTHING. But then when they’re homeless and destitute (without a TV or social media), to guide them through their REAL ‘new normal’ when they’ve been so comfortable in their plastic fake world, for so long, who will guide them? Nobody. They wouldn’t and nor could they, survive.

That’s really what needs to happen to wake them up. The deluded, muzzled morons need to hit a rock bottom, where the reality of what they’ve constructed for themselves through their own ignorance and stupidity will hit them like a ton of bricks. They’ll either wake up and follow us, or continue deluding themselves by subscribing to MSM propaganda until it finally kills them.

These unfortunates are much like alcoholics or drug, or gambling addicts: The ones who successfully conquer drugs or booze, or whatever problem addiction has taken over their lives, nearly always had to experience a devastating moment in their lives – a rock bottom, where there was no more support from others who they used and abused to prop them up – finally forced into a corner, on their own, that only they themselves could crawl out of. A big shock to wake them up was needed to force them into finally seeing themselves as others see them: as the hopeless cases they’d devolved into. The reality of how emotionally, mentally and physically damaged they were – how they’d been fooling themselves for so long.

Once that lowest stage in their lives is reached, it initiates a complete change in attitude as they work towards rebuilding themselves and accomplishing a successful and productive, drug (or other addiction) free life.

Much like druggies or alcoholics: these people are hopelessly addicted to media FEAR and hysteria – they experience a kind of rush of adrenalin from it all, which like drugs, is highly addictive. They need to break free from that very destructive dependence and start enjoying normal, mundane, ordinary life – free from unnecessary fear.
Sorry for the rant…


Comment from Alan Vaughan


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  1. ian says:

    An excellent comment by Alan. BTW is it have a go at alcoholics druggies and gamblers day?, cut me some slack Alan lol. Great post.

  2. Aldous says:

    “They wouldn’t and nor could they, survive.”
    It reminds me of a line from the the 1996 movie ‘Last Man Standing’ where Bruce Willis states: “I can’t say it all went exactly the way I’d planned, but I was right about one thing: they were all better off dead.”
    Amen to that. Sorry about the kids.

  3. Aldous says:

    Talking of movie lines that one can never forget.
    My long suffering wife is always saying that God works in mysterious ways etc.
    One movie line(s) that springs to mind is from the (now) obscure 1980s ‘Manhunter’ where the lunatic psychopath says:
    lt must feel good to God. He does it all the time. God’s terrific! He dropped a church roof on 34 of his worshippers in Texas last Wednesday night, just as they were grovelling through a hymn to his majesty.
    God’s a champ. He always stays ahead. He got 140 Filipinos in one plane crash last year.

    God’s a champ alright. He got MILLIONS of chumps lining up to get killed like they may as well have jumped out of an aeroplane without a parachute.

  4. Alan Vaughn says:

    No it’s not ian, but I am in a position to discuss them and use them as an analogy to help me describe how I perceive the emotional and mental trap the face-muzzled ‘normies’ marched straight into, which has already destroyed millions of them; being lured by the exhilarating covid hysteria and its endless messages of mentally stimulating doom and destruction they promise, which they cannot get enough of.
    They just love their enslavement and staying at home all day and everyday, in front of that TV FEAR (beer) tap, which constantly gushes their favourite flavours of high quality manufactured doom and gloom, based on NOTHING but 100% proof LIES.
    I am a recovered alcoholic (31 years since my last drink), so I’m allowed to ridicule the ones that don’t wan’t to follow my example, because it’s too hard and prefer to remain permanently drunk, fearful and hopeless. Much the same as the shame-muzzled zombies prefer to keep drinking their chosen drug: The endless government funded and propagated supply of FREE, terrifying and morbid fear porn! (They’re lucky. I had to pay a fortune for my depressive and destructive drug of choice).
    I do hope that these fools will eventually see the errors of their ways as I and others did and set out along the road leading them to the lifelong journey of their recovery to normal life, based on fearlessness, common sense based critical thinking and reasoning.
    If they could only be convinced to shut off the society and humanity destroying fear supply i.e. TV, they might have a chance. If they ever do wake up, they won’t need the likes of us to tell them what they’re doing wrong, nor would we need to tell them to stop complying.
    They just cannot see the massive elephant in the room. The top quality BBC and mainstream media fear porn totally blinds them to all reality, because they just LOVE being scared and being enslaved to hateful tyrants that tell them how to live. Life’s easy when you’re blind drunk on FEAR – no thinking required. Just put on your dehumanizing mask and OBEY. Simple…

    • Aldous says:

      “I am a recovered alcoholic (31 years since my last drink), so I’m allowed to ridicule the ones that don’t wan’t to follow my example, because it’s too hard and prefer to remain permanently drunk, fearful and hopeless. Much the same as the shame-muzzled zombies prefer to keep drinking their chosen drug:”

      There’s nothing worse than a ‘born again Christian, ex-smoker, ex-alcoholic etc’.
      Your comparison with those who choose to enjoy a drink – perhaps too much at times – and “Much the same as the shame-muzzled zombies prefer to keep drinking their chosen drug” is ridiculous as well as deeply offensive.
      A doctor once warned me that giving up entirely the demon drink was far more dangerous than the drink itself.
      Think about that.

      • Tapestry says:

        Doctors would feel threatened by humans giving up dependence on drugs and addictions. Running to the local drug dealer (known as ‘doctor’ a word meaning teacher in Greek – same word route as doctrine) is another key addiction. Maybe Aldous should think about that. It’s hard to find new ways of being, but usually it’s an improvement once a change is made. The world put in front of us is not in our control. To find a world that is more in our control, and which better meets our needs, requires us to abandon the given world – of fear, addiction, education, pharmaceuticals etc (pharmakon in Greek means poison by the way). Doctor should be defined as a person trained to trick people into eating and drinking poison. Except now the medics are injecting the poison, bypassing the body’s defensive systems, ensuring the destruction of our health happens a lot faster. The teaching is mainly done by the television and media networks. Doctors need to keep drinking alcohol and maintaining their own addictions. Otherwise they might awaken to what they are actually doing. During the US doctor’s strike, the rate of dying fell by no less than 50%. Whose needs are they meeting exactly? Alan, your post struck a chord.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        I don’t think I’ll bother replying to that little snippet of nastiness Aldous…
        However your comment tells me a lot more about you than you would ever realize. (Takes one to know one). Good luck.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Alan, your post struck a chord.

      Yes I know that feeling all too well Tap. The truth about myself was always painful and humiliating.
      I used to hate it when anyone talked, even in front of me, about ‘the demon drink’, but I loved to hear any fellow problem drinker who reassured me with utter nonsense such as, ‘giving up drinking was far more dangerous than the drink itself’.

  5. Alan Vaughn says:

    Oh damn…
    I forgot! Thank you Tap for liking my rant so much that you made it into a post.
    i feel honoured.

  6. Aldous says:

    @ Alan Vaughn and Tap:
    ‘Cold Turkey’ Alcohol Withdrawal Can Cause Serious Health Issues
    As the death of actor Nelsan Ellis showed, quitting drinking abruptly can be dangerous to your health if you don’t receive proper medical guidance.

    Sincere apologies Alan for my crass choice of words but giving up drinking has to be done carefully.
    I once went six months without a drink and didn’t enjoy it much.
    Heavy drinkers – I’m not one of them most of the time – keep a lot of bars and clubs afloat for others (who drink moderately) to enjoy. Many I speak of haven’t much else to live for.
    I don’t know what the right balance or answer is but if everyone stopped drinking and smoking, we would be in an awful lot of trouble.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Thank you Aldous, I accept your apology.

      I was only 32 years old when booze finally took total control of and totally wrecked every aspect of my life – my relationships with others – my employment, (was almost unemployable, with a shocking record of being AWOL / absenteeism), my physical and mental health. EVERYTHING utterly ruined.
      I mentioned ‘rock bottom’ in my origial comment (above). Well I’d hit about 4 such rock bottoms before arriving at the final life-changing one when all that was left of me was a hopeless, homeless and penniless shell of human being, wondering where and how I would get my next drink.
      I’d reached a critical phase in my life, where I had a simple choice: to live or die. I chose life and if that meant a life without booze or drugs I was willing to try (for the 5th time). Had I chosen the latter option, be rest assured you would never be reading any comments in here from one particular ‘Alan Vaughn’. I estimate I would have lived another 2 years at best, had I continued along the same self destructive trajectory.
      It was the hardest challenge of my life – The first year or two was agony: I hated it – NOT drinking. I’d already tried 4 times to quit over about 5 years before and wanted to break again, but somehow, with plenty of help / support and sometimes ‘tough love’ from others I got through – conquered the ‘demon drink’. I’ve never looked back.
      Also, please understand that I have nothing against booze, or even illegal drugs, nor do I harbour any (pointless) resentments against people who enjoy a drink – most folks do. Most really enjoy drinking, and I agree that our society would be a real basket case if alcohol and drinking wasn’t part of our long established culture. Apart from my very early drinking days as a teenager, I didn’t enjoy drinking, I drank in response to an uncontrollable compulsion to imbibe whenever and wherever I could.
      I don’t judge others – I am not ‘righteous’. (As you quite rightly pointed out: many ex-drinkers and smokers are, and I agree – they’re cringeworthy fools whose high & mighty attitudes and twisted worldviews really irritate or even infuriate me). BTW, I was also a 50 per day smoker, but gave that up because it was finally doing some real damage, about 11 years ago. Never thought I could stop smoking but with the right motivation (sickness and lots of pain), it was much easier to quit than booze.
      I’m not interested in what others do, I only worry about MY OWN drinking and hope to God I never swallow another drop ever again.
      Most people can handle booze – they are normal or ‘social drinkers’.
      Unfortunately, I am not and never will be a ‘social drinker’ – I am an alcoholic and will be for life. As long as I don’t pick up another drink, I’ll be fine. I believe I will survive the current covid scam and its associated holocauset without needing to resort to booze to cope with the stress of it all. I always used to seek solace from the bottle, but it never worked – ‘flogging a dead horse’: It never gave me any relief anyway. If anything, it generally made me feel worse! All I was doing was feeding my addiction – satisfying a strong craving for more of the stuff that was doing me no good, but contributing much towards destroying me.
      I hope this explains things a little more clearly?


      • archer says:

        Great points made, Alan. I couldn’t agree more.

        Whilst I may not have been afflicted to the same level, I loved to indulge in booze and drugs; unfortunately doing this and leading a normal life (holding down a job, raising a family etc) tend to be mutually exclusive and with an addictive personality like I have, it’s all or nothing. And so I choose nothing – for the most part, that’s fine (if not better) for me and those around me.

  7. ian says:

    From what I see when I’m shopping, the plandemic will have caused plenty to drink to excess, myself included. I saw a teeshirt last week bearing the logo, “When I was a kid, I always wanted to be older. I never thought it would turn out like this”. It hasn’t been the best lately.

    • Aldous says:


      The dangers of trying to walk away from alcohol are very real indeed and not to be taken lightly. Thank God (for the economy at large) that most people choose to somehow live with alcohol.
      Some of the nicest people I know are heavy drinkers and don’t give a damn for whatever years are shaved off their lives. Many of them are in their 70s and 80s so it can’t be doing them that much bloody harm.
      TPTB are trying to get us jabbed with the Covid-19 kill shot while also telling us that drinking is bad for us! Join the dots please.

  8. Aldous says:

    Sorry Ian. That was meant as a comment and not a reply.

    My now retired doctor warned me not to give up alcohol entirely. TPTB are now trying to demonise meat etc and promoting vegetarianism and veganism.
    As if they cared for our health?