A government that can’t stop lying: penetrating the “stats” smoke screen part 2

Intro by Kieron McFadden

God help us, we are lumbered with a government that thinks it is perfectly all right to lie to and deceive us remorselessly.

Here is the second in the series (see part one here) of exposes from John Dee, the retired NHS statistician, who is doing stellar work analysing the government’s relentless stat fiddling so that we can all penetrate its statistical  smoke screen and understand what it is up to.

And it ain’t pretty. The dishonesty of the incumbent government beggars belief. Its scope, cynicism and intent to deceive are astounding but they hidden by a skillfully woven  complexity of deceptive numbers and we laymen need the help of an expert to decipher the fraud.

Thanks to John Dee, we have such an expert deciphering the numbers so that we can better understand the lies we are being told. His work is so valuable we intend to feature his posts regularly. It should be shared far and wide. A link to the source of this data is at the end of this feature.

Here is a Facebook post from a couple of days ago (with some emphases added in red) that gives an insight into the scary numbers pertaining to “Covid hospital admissions”. I’ve also added a couple of comments on the post that I thought were also helpfully insightful.

NHS Bed Use

by John Dee

This morning’s update slide provides a glimpse of bed use by COVID designated inpatients as a percentage of all cases.

We may think a COVID patient in a bed in hospital is a sure sign of the pandemic but this is not necessarily so – all it means is that these are patients who have tested positive at some point. They may also have tested negative several times over but these results are ignored, the official data definition stating“…with a positive test being prioritised over a negative test”. Several nurses have confided that patients are tested until positive and then wheeled to a COVID ward – we’re back to rolling that die again!

[UK Editor’s note: the test used in the vast majority of cases is the notorious PCR  Test, thoroughly discredited in innumerable exposes and soon to be withdrawn from use in the US after the CDC recently admitted it cannot distinguish between SARS Cov2 and influenza! Here is one of a great many articles on this.]

So, these are curves of people in beds who may not even be carrying SARS-COV-2 (false positive).

They may not be showing any symptoms and they may not be receiving any treatment for COVID. Our healthy pregnant women of yesterday who has just given birth but who tested positive will count as one of these beds until she goes home. Same for the chap who fell off the ladder.

We simply have no idea how much demand for beds there is from folk sick with COVID who need to be treated for COVID because this data is not revealed to the public.

Anybody thinking MV (mechanical ventilation) bed use is a sure sign of the pandemic needs to think again, since we are back to positive test results from PCR and serological tests that also have issues.

MV bed use doesn’t mean the MV part is used and if it is it can be for any of the many reasons we’ve needed to use MV beds over the years. Old-fashioned respiratory illnesses never went away, they just got forgotten about. Neither is MV bed use necessarily a sign of good COVID patient management, as some of you will gather from reading the medical literature.

Sitting on the servers of every NHS Trust is the very data we need to ascertain what the situation really is and is not. I’ve also no doubt that some enterprising registrars in respiratory or general medicine will have put heads together with their clinical audit facilitator and devised ways of tracking treatment and outcomes.

It would be wonderful if I could present this slide broken down into beds used for treating COVID cases with COVID treatments as opposed to beds used in the management of positive-testing patients.

The fact that I cannot do this simple thing without relying on a whistleblower to hand me data tells us volumes.

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Karl Quinn

Thanks again John for pulling all this together. Outstanding work. I wrote this last year when the government were trumpeting the Nightingale Hospitals.
Here’s a prediction. It will never be used for Covid patients.
Why? Because a large proportion of people in hospital with Covid were admitted with something else and tested positive IN hospital. That means they still require specialist treatment for that pre existing condition(s) e.g cancer, heart disease, dementia etc. They need to stay where that specialist treatment is available. So the only people who can be moved to the Nightingales are patients admitted for and being treated for, Covid only.
And that means we will know exactly how many people only have Covid and are only being treated for Covid.
The government won’t want that to happen.

Marianne Cass

Another addition: anyone with a recurrent positive test will be counted as 2 people not as the same, tests are not linked to NHS or NI numbers. Hospital & hospice patients, I believe, are still routinely tested twice a week. My friend’s mum broke her hip, her third test came back positive, they woke her up at ‘2 am’ to inform her and move her to a Covid ward. It frightened her so much’ luckily she never got ill and came home fine.