You reckless idiots!

Mike Yeadon’s latest mind-blowing briefing annihilates one government lie after another.

Just ONE of the issues covered is the myth of Covid19 being incurable. Nothing could be further from the truth: Covid19 is probably THE MOST CURABLE RESPIRATORY DISEASE IN HISTORY with several known successful and safe cures.

Dr Yeadon covers MUCH more than this clearly and concisely in terms bereft of the usual scientic gobbledygook that often renders these issue incomprehensible to laymen like the and me.

The day will come when humanity will recognise our collective debt of gratitude to people of courage like Dr Yeadon who spoke out.

Find the video on Bitchute here ( ) or watch it below.

Please watch it all through (about 20 minutes) for a thorough education and please please share it as widely as you can.

The more people we can warn, the more lives we can save.

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One Response to “You reckless idiots!”

  1. Wayne567 says:

    Why have you removed my reply? I was praising this man.