Will the housing bubble be different this time?

London prices are falling as prices are so high.  There is far better value to be had further north.  London suffered biggest fall in a decade in April.  Data is behind by a month or two so commenting is hard.  A lot of people are wanting more space since experiencing a lockdown.  And London flats offer little of that.

18-24 year olds are thinking of moving out of the city, which is a big change from past trends.

If furlough ends at the end of September as scheduled, this will kick in the unemployment rate.  That will delay rises in interest rates.  The same scenes are visible in many countries with businesses that have collapsed during the lockdowns pushing up unemployment.  95% mortgages are available still.  The cap of unaffordability will eventually restrict a lift in house prices, he believes.  This commentator is predicting a crash in prices.  Interest rates will eventually rise and that will drag on house prices.

But, as he says, big money is moving in from the financial world to buy up UK houses and rental properties (as well as US and other countries).  He thinks the stock market could fall at the same time as houses.

Yet why are banks buying up houses?  They don’t usually back the wrong horse.  In the US, banks are bidding up house prices to levels that ordinary people cannot afford.  Could the same happen in the UK?

There is currently no inventory in the market in the UK (very few houses for sale), as he points out, which is pushing up prices.  Yet is he right in thinking unaffordability will stop price rises, if the banks are starting to buy up houses?

The story could be that at some point interest rates will rise and people will find themselves unable to pay their mortgage combined with rising council taxes.  The government will offer people a chance to sell their property to the bank, remove all their debt and they become tenants.  That seems a more likely scenario, as the Great Reset progressively arrives.

A few people are buying expensive properties around and above £1 million with large mortgages.  They can get fixed mortgages for five years, but could face annihilation when the fixed period ends and if inflation is kicking in.  People should plan to pay off most or all of their debts over the five year period if they want to keep going as owners of their own house.  Either that or be careful about taking on big debts this side of the Great Reset.

The commentator thinks that we are in an unsustainable bubble but is he right?  This time the game could have changed and the bubble will go through the roof.  The banks will make billions as usual and as people find themselves unable to maintain their ownership in a very different set of circumstances to those that have come before, where the commentator is looking for his projections.



6 Responses to “Will the housing bubble be different this time?”

  1. archer says:

    I used to watch McCoy-Ward’s videos regularly, however gave up as it’s basically the same message, ad infinitum: house price crash coming, sell up and buy gold or silver…
    Also stopped watching as he has a bit of an annoying voice.

    Let’s be honest, it’s not exactly rocket science, is it? When furlough ends and people start to lose their jobs, they’ll also likely lose their homes, prompting a crash in prices with the market flooded by desperate sellers.

    • Tapestry says:

      The theory is fine, but if the banks buy up all the stock coming onto the market, the prices will not crash but rise. Gold and silver longterm will rise, but could drift sideways or downwards followed by huge lifts but when? No one knows and where do you keep the metal?

      • archer says:

        You make a good point, Tap. I’m sure the govt don’t want a crash. Cant see banks buying up housing, however – how will they get their returns if they have tenants that refuse to pay?

        Gold and silver will inevitably rise due to QE and the resultant inflation. The Royal Mint kindly offer to store precious metals for the consumer (for a fee, of course),

  2. danceaway says:

    Will the primary difference this time be the role of the banks/cabal buying up the housing stock as they are doing in the States, to further the agenda of no one owning their own property?

    • ian says:

      You’re on the ball danceaway. I suspect that you are 100% correct.

  3. ihunt says:

    This time is different , it will be the end of Fiat currencies we have known for centuries, they will usher in Digital Slavery Block chain currency . Your money will be controlled by them , do or say the wrong thing and the tap is turned off. Best move right now is to be Insurance in Gold and Silver Bullion, the price of PMs are heavily compressed and a bargain curently. People do not like a bargain they like to chase prices when they are high. Mike Maloney explains well .

    It is quite simple and planned this way each decade has an asset to buy and hold for that decade. e.g.

    1970-1980 was Gold.
    1980-1990 was Nikkei tracker Japanese stocks.
    1990-2000 was Tech Stocks.Nasdaq
    2000-2010 was Gold.
    2010 -2020 was Tech Internet Media Stocks Nasdaq.
    2020-2030 Gold

    Thats it stick to the regimen sell at the end of the Decade. At that time stocks will likely be bombed oout and noone will want to buy.

    Problem this time Privately owned Central Banks are printing your money out of thin air and buying everything for free,maybe by 2030 their scheme will have failed. Main problem today is avoiding the Death Jab that they want to Genocide us with…