Walking into the place, my gut told me to turn around and get the hell out of there. I didn’t listen.

I have been debating on whether or not I should post anything because it’s such a controversial subject, but I feel like I have to.. if I can shed a tiny light on a situation that I could have avoided, I hope I can help someone else avoid what I’m going through. This post is by no means meant to entice someone else’s decision, but simply to say PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH before allowing someone to poke you with a foreign substance that could be a life saver, or a life altering nightmare. So here goes: On June 24th I willingly allowed someone to poke me with a jon j (have to use special wording in order to not get blocked or discredited on social media for speaking my truth). I wanted to be able to travel again without worry, to keep my loved ones safe from catching anything, you know all of the things that are constantly pumped into our heads.
Walking into the place, my gut told me to turn around and get the hell out of there. I didn’t listen.
I get the poke, wait 30 min before being driven home. Felt a bit faint, and on the way home noticed my teeth felt numb.. and then my cheeks.. and then my arms starting tingling. Then the headaches… (mind you I’ve never had a headache that wasn’t related to a self induced hangover). Told not to worry, it’s all part of the simple, temporary side effects. My eyeballs hurt, like someone punched me in the eyes.. and my vision was blurred and jumping around with double vision. My skin felt extremely hot on my arms like a bad sunburn. I was dizzy, had chest pain and shortness of breath. Petechiae rash on stomach. As the days progressed, I started to feel better with intermittent issues which I hoped and prayed would subside. I started documenting everything on a daily basis via video as I thought I might die.. and my go to description of each day was feeling like I had a horrendous hangover with tingling/numbness and extreme joint pain. Fast forward to 3 days ago. The morning was spent at my GP getting bloodwork for my weird issues.. then later that day I’m sitting at a car dealership with Tink who was about to purchase a new ride and I started feeling weird.. the tingling started in my teeth/gums, went to arms then to my legs. I couldn’t talk.. couldn’t walk.. had to lie down in a car dealership with everyone staring at me. Everything sounded like an echo/dream. Finally was able to tell Tink to get me to ER as I thought I was stroking out. Luckily it was across the street.
They wheeled me in, started shaking but I wasn’t cold.. my BP shot up to almost 160/95 (my normal is 110/70) They did EKG (fine) blood work (fine) docs were stumped as to what was going on, and could only suggest that I see a poke specialist and a neurologist for poke induced issues. Finally released and since then have had 2 more episodes but not nearly as severe. I now fear a lifetime of tests and doc visits to try to figure this out so I can live a normal life again as I have not felt good since June 24th. The free poke is going to cost thousands in medical care for me.. but all I want is my life back. Moral to my story, please look into the good vs bad on your personal situation before getting this thing… there is so much information out there that is being suppressed regarding the adverse reactions.. so you really have to dig to find it. I’m honestly afraid of my future now as this stuff is no joke. Once it’s in you, there’s no going back.. so make damn sure it’s worth the risk for you. These “extremely rare side effects” are not as rare as we are being told.
UPDATE: It has been 5 weeks since the poke, and 2 weeks since the ER scare.. and I’m finally starting to see more normal hours in a day than not.. so I’m optimistic that this trend will continue. I’ve been dosing up on vitamins/smoothies/pine needle tea/ and doing low impact exercise on good days to keep my blood flowing. Still have the joint pain, burning/temp sensitive skin patches, intermittent headaches/tight chest, but the tingling/numbness sensations have subsided substantially, and those were the most traumatizing issues for me. I want to thank those (sooo many) for reaching out to me with their stories – it helps to give each other hope in that we’re not alone.
UPDATE: GP referred me to neurologist with possibly having peripheral neuropathy.

8 Responses to “Walking into the place, my gut told me to turn around and get the hell out of there. I didn’t listen.”

  1. Occams says:

    “….to keep my loved ones safe from catching anything, you know all of the things that are constantly pumped into our EMPTY heads.”

    There. Fixed it.

  2. Occams says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaand there’s your ‘New Normal’.

    Enjoy. But hey – maybe she can time the episodes to be ‘okay’ ‘on her travels’.

    jfc…….How did I not end up this stupid and gullible? My brothers and sisters did. I’ve said goodbye to them

    • RKae says:

      Give it a few years and doctors will tell us, “Everyone’s always had these issues. We’re just better at diagnosing it now.”

    • Tracy says:

      No need to be so nasty!

  3. ian says:

    Most of the vaxxed are pretty smug and secure in the knowledge that they’re now safe. I was out for a walk a couple of days ago and met a guy Who’s Dad I was friends with, though not so keen on him. We talked about nothing much just going through the motions as you do. He then mentioned a guy who had recently died. A pleasant man who was never without a cigarette in his hand and well into his eighties. Covid he said, mind you, it was his own fault, he never had the jags. He made the choice he said confidently slapping his own vaccination point. He made the choice.
    I left it at that, wondering if he’ll accept the choice that he made so confidently

  4. Tracy says:

    No need to be so nasty!

    • Tapestry says:

      Tracy the people on here are totally frustrated with the inability of the vaxxed to stop believing the TV etc. Obviously deep down we hope the vaxxed will not all die from the vaccine over time. But why take the risk anyway? Some experts are recommending glutathione or NAC to help the body chelate the Graphene Oxide which is in the so-called vaccine, and could prove lethal.

    • ian says:

      Hi Tracy, who is being nasty?