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The ultimate government promise – ‘You will be happy.’ Do you agree?

The title refers to a section further on in this excellent article.  It reminded me of the older version – ‘ Jam yesterday.  Jam tomorrow but never Jam today’.
The only problem this time (The Prince Charles version of government which is called The Great Reset) is that there won’t be any Jam tomorrow.
The lambs must not be silent.
The “Killer Vaccine” Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People
The Covid-19 Vaccine should be Halted and Discontinued Immediately Worldwide
Global Research, August 27, 2021
There is a worldwide upward trend of vaccine deaths and injuries.
The latest official figures (August 30, 2021) point to approximately:
38,488 mRNA vaccine reported and registered deaths in the EU, UK and US (combined) and 6.3 million reported “adverse events”.
But only a small fraction of the victims or families of the deceased will go through the tedious process of reporting vaccine related deaths and adverse events to the national health authorities.
Moreover, the health authorities are actively involved in obfuscating the deaths and injuries resulting from the “unapproved” and “experimental” mRNA “vaccine”.
“Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. … less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. (emphasis added)
While we are not in a position to establish precise estimates, we are able to establish the order of magnitude.
Multiply the official figures (registered and recorded) by the relevant parameter to get the REAL NUMBERS of deaths and injuries.
Very High Numbers
Assuming that 10% of deaths and adverse events are reported (a very conservative assumption according to Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc, p. 6)
The mRNA “Vaccine” would have resulted in
AT LEAST 380,000 deaths and 63 million “adverse events” for a combined population of approximately 830 million (UK, EU, US).
Video: The mRNA vaccine was launched in mid to late December 2020.
In many countries, there was a significant shift in mortality following the introduction of the mRNA vaccine
Impact of COVID Vaccinations on Mortality
Source: HeathData.org
The government are LYING. It’s a killer Vaccine. There is Worldwide upward trend of vaccine related mortality and morbidity which is amply documented.
Moreover, the official figures are manipulated. Vaccine related deaths are often attributed to Covid-19.
Peer reviewed reports confirm the causes of vaccine related deaths and injuries including among others blood clots, thrombosis, myocarditis, fertility.
Michel Chossudovsky, August 27, 2021.
Let us be under no illusions, it’s not only “experimental”, it’s a Big Pharma “killer vaccine” which modifies the human genome. The evidence of mortality and morbidity resulting from vaccine inoculation both present (official data) and future (e.g. undetected microscopic blood clots) is overwhelming.
Numerous scientific studies published independently confirm the nature of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine which is being imposed on all humanity.
The stated objective is to enforce the Worldwide vaccination of 7.9 billion people in more than 190 countries, to be followed by the imposition of a digitized “vaccine passport”. Needless to say this is a multi-billion dollar operation for Big Pharma.
The global vaccine project entitled COVAX is coordinated Worldwide by the WHO, GAVI, CEPI, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in liaison with the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Wellcome Trust, DARPA and Big Pharma which is increasingly dominated by the Pfizer-GSK partnership established barely four months before the onset of the Covid-19 crisis in early January 2020.
The Covid-19 Timeline
Fake figures of covid-19 positive cases and covid-19 related deaths. Lies upon lies.
There is a complex timeline. The covid crisis is marked by several stages leading up to the implementation of mass vaccination Worldwide in December 2020.
A fake Worldwide Public Health Emergency (PHEIC) was announced by the WHO on January 30, 2020 (based on 83 positive cases Worldwide outside China), followed by the onset of the crisis in air travel and international commodity trade (Trump on January 31, 2020), the February 20, 2020 financial crash, the March 11, 2020 lockdown, followed by the second, third waves and fourth waves. When will it end?
For further details on the Timeline see Chapter II of
The March 11, 2020 Lockdown and Its Devastating Social and Economic Consequences
Starting on March 11, 2020, 44,279 so-called confirmed RT-PCR “positive cases” (Worldwide out of China) and 1440 Covid deaths were used to justify:
  • social confinement,
  • the lockdown and closure of 190 national economies, crisis of the global economy,
  • extensive corporate bankruptcies in key sectors of economic activity,
  • the outright elimination of small and medium sized enterprises,
  • the triggering of poverty and mass unemployment,
  • social distancing, the face mask, no social and family gatherings,
  • devastating impacts on mental health,
  • an engineered crisis of the national health system,
  • the closure of schools, colleges and universities,
  • the closure of museums, concert halls, cultural and sport events,
  • institutional collapse and the disruption of civil society.
The stated objective has always been to save lives.
The outcome of these policies have literally destroyed people’s lives. Millions of people Worldwide have been driven into extreme poverty.
And then ten months later the Covid-19 vaccine has come to our rescue.
It was announced in early November 2020 and launched Worldwide in late December.
The fear campaign has spearheaded compliance and acceptance to higher authority.
The 2021 Worldwide Corona Crisis - Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
The mRNA Vaccine
The mRNA vaccine was presented as an everlasting solution, as a means to curbing the epidemic, saving lives, reopening our shattered national economies and restoring a sense of normality in our daily lives.
A massive propaganda campaign was initiated in support of the vaccine.
A fake promise of a new life. A return to reason and normalcy.
All of this turned out to be an illusion, spearheaded by lies and fabrications.
The ideology of the financial elites and the billionaire foundations was imposed: The vaccine was upheld as a means to carrying out the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”:
“You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy”: a stylized future predicated on debt and extreme poverty coupled with a ‘killer vaccine”.
What is envisaged under “The Great Reset” (Klaus Schwab, image left) is a scenario whereby the global creditors will have appropriated by 2030 the World’s wealth, while impoverishing large sectors of the World Population.
The billionaire elites do not hide their intent. In 2030 “You’ll own nothing, And you’ll be happy.”
World Economic Forum: "You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy" (While Oligarchs Own Everything)
Lies through omission: the dramatic trend in mortality and morbidity related to the vaccine (confirmed by official sources) since early January 2021 had been carefully obfuscated.
“Killer Virus” or “Killer Vaccine”?
The first question which stands out is: Do We Need a Vaccine?
  • SARS-COV-2 is a “killer virus”
  • There is a rising Worldwide trend of covid-19 infection,
  • People are dying as a result of the covid-19 infection.
Refutation of Above Statements
1. SARS-CoV-2 is “a killer virus”.
That’s the cornerstone of the 24/7 fear and media disinformation campaign upheld by persistent statements by politicians and national health authorities.
Both the peer-reviewed as well the WHO, CDC “official” definitions of SARS-CoV-2 say exactly the opposite. Their definitions of SARS-2 repeal their own lies. (For details see Appendix)
2. There is a Rising Worldwide Trend of Covid-19 infection.
The methodology used to generate these figures is dependent upon the WHO sponsored Real Time Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (rRT-PCR) test, the estimates of which are tabulated Worldwide by the national health authorities.
While the estimates of the rRT-PCR have been questioned from the very outset, it is now confirmed by the WHO in a January 20, 2021 advisory that the rRT-PCR test adopted as a means to detecting SARS-COV-2 positive cases is TOTALLY invalid.
(This pertains to Covid positive data tabulated since late January 2020). (See Appendix)
3.  People are Dying as a Result of the Covid-19 Infection.
In summary,
  • there is no killer virus,
  • the measurement of covid positive cases is invalid,
  • the Covid-19 mortality data are manipulated.
All of these statements are amply documented. For details see Appendix to this article below.
I should mention that the so-called “emergency use” clause to justify an experimental and unapproved vaccine is also invalid. Why? Because the emergency use criterion relies on erroneous estimates of the rRT-PCR covid positive cases (fake) and Covid-19 related mortality data, both of which are invalid. (See Appendix)
The Vaccine. Hidden Agenda?
The vaccine does not save lives nor does it contain the pandemic, because there is no pandemic. It’s a money-making operation for Big Pharma in the hundreds of billions of dollars (see data below).
Moreover, it’s not a one time vaccine jab. Several doses are contemplated. It is slated to extend over a period of at least two years.
It is applied Worldwide without exceptions. Not a single country with the exception of Burundi, Tanzania and Haiti had the courage to refuse the “killer vaccine”.
While there is no reliable evidence, it is worth noting that the presidents of Tanzania and Burundi died under mysterious circumstances.
Haiti was until recently the only country in the Western Hemisphere which refused categorically to implementing the mRNA vaccine. In a bitter irony, immediately following president Jovenel Moise’s assassination (July 7, 2021), president Joe Biden promptly sent half a million vaccine doses (and more to come) (courtesy of Uncle Sam) which were delivered by COVAX to Port au Prince six days later on July 14.
This first shipment to Haiti was part of a US Aid program consisting of 500 million doses of the “killer vaccine” which is slated to be sent to a large number of developing countries (For further details see below).
Mortality and Morbidity: While there is “No Killer Virus”, there is a “Killer Vaccine”.
The evidence is overwhelming. At the time of writing (mid-July 2021), almost 20,000 Covid vaccine deaths have been recorded in the European Union (July 17, 2021). In the US the number of registered vaccine related deaths is of the order of 12,000 (July 9, 2021).
According to the EudraVigilance database (July 17, 2021) there were 18,928 deaths and 1,823,219 injuries reported following injections of four experimental COVID-19 shots.
From the total of injuries recorded in the EU, “half of them (904,609) are serious injuries“. According to EuroViligance (quoted by by Brian Shilhavy):
“Seriousness … can be classified as ‘serious’ if it corresponds to a medical occurrence that results in death, is life-threatening, requires inpatient hospitalisation, results in another medically important condition, or prolongation of existing hospitalisation, results in persistent or significant disability or incapacity, or is a congenital anomaly/birth defect.”
According to the latest figures (from government sources) for the EU, Britain and the US (combined), there are 34,052 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 5.46 million injuries reported on 1 August 2021
EU/EEA/Switzerland to 31 July 2021 – 20,595 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 1.94 million injuries, per EudraVigilance Database.
UK to 21 July 2021 – 1,517 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 1.1 million injuries, per MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.
USA to 23 July 2021 – 11,940 Covid-19 injection related deaths and over 2.4 million injuries, per VAERS database.
These are official statistics based on a formal process of registration of deaths and injuries. The actual number of deaths and injuries triggered by the mRNA vaccine are much higher.
A small fraction of the victims or families of the deceased will go through the tedious process of reporting vaccine related deaths and injuries to the national health authorities. In this regard, according to a study conducted by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Inc., fewer than 1% of vaccine related adverse effects are reported.  (see Electronic Support for Public Health–Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (ESP:VAERS, p. 6).
Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. … less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. (emphasis added)
The latest official figures (August 1, 2021) point to approximately 35,000 mRNA vaccine reported and registered deaths in the EU, UK and US (combined) and 5.5 million reported adverse effects.
Multiply the figures by the relevant parameter to get the REAL numbers. we are talking about very high numbers.
There is Worldwide upward trend of vaccine related mortality and morbidity which is amply documented. Peer reviewed reports confirm the causes of vaccine related deaths and injuries including among others blood clots, thrombosis, myocarditis, fertility.
Video: Impact of Covid Vaccinations on Mortality (December 2020- April 2021). Selected Countries
Impact of COVID Vaccinations on Mortality
Source: HeathData.org
Hidden Injuries: The Microscopic Blood Clots
The persons vaccinated will not be immediately aware of the injuries incurred. The latter in most cases are not discernible, nor are they recorded. While “Big Blood Clots” resulting from the vaccine are revealed and reported by those vaccinated, an important study by Canada’s Dr. Charles Hoffe, suggests (yet to be fully confirmed) that the mRNA vaccine generates “microscopic blood clots”.
“The blood clots we hear about which the media claim are very rare are the big blood clots which are the ones that cause strokes and show up on CT scans, MRI, etc.
The clots I’m talking about are microscopic and too small to find on any scan. They can thus only be detected using the D-dimer test.”
“These people have no idea they are even having these microscopic blood clots. The most alarming part of this is that there are some parts of the body like the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs which cannot re-generate. When those tissues are damaged by blood clots they are permanently damaged.
“These shots are causing huge damage and the worst is yet to come.”
Below is his interview, with Laura Lynn Tylor Thompson (also available on Rumble channel).
Big Pharma. Pfizer’s Near Global Monopoly
Hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake. This is the largest and most expensive vaccine project in World history which is slated to be financed by tax dollars
Worldwide, putting an obvious strain on the public debt of numerous countries.
The vaccine program is accompanied by a “timeline” consisting of recurrent mRNA inoculations over “the next two years and beyond”. As documented above, it will
have devastating impacts on mortality and morbidity Worldwide.
What is at stake is a multi-billion dollar Big Money operation for Big Pharma with Pfizer in the lead.
Pfizer-BioNTech (allied with Moderna Inc) is in the process